Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Philippines - IIM SKILLS (2023)

Did you know that the world of business analytics has grown with the advancement of technology? People all over the world understand that business analysis is a growing profession in today's world. This profession offers many opportunities in technology. In this article, we share the definition of business analysis, its types, tools used in business analysis, career opportunities and eligibility criteria to become a business analyst. We've also shared the top 7 business analytics lessons on TheFilipinaswhich will give you a clear idea about the courses and after doing a thorough research you will know which of the courses is perfect for you.

Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Philippines - IIM SKILLS (1)

We will review the program, major components, scope and other business analysis details here.

Pensum for business analytics

  • Management principles
  • management concept
  • Business Communication and Business Informatics
  • Marketing Principles
  • business economics
  • HRM and quantitative methods
  • exposure to business
  • Production and operations management
  • Project planning and management
  • mathematical optimization
  • Supply chain and marketing analytics
  • entrepreneurship development
  • Business and cyber law
  • industrial research project

Business Analytics Fundamentals

  • Schedule and consistency check
  • data collection
  • Data security or data protection
  • Data or standards management
  • insight and interdependence
  • data visualization
  • data optimization
  • Data storage

Scope of Business Analysis

The scope of business analytics is growing and playing a vital role in the business world. A degree in this field is essential to upgrade your future career and break new ground. The scope of a business analyst extends to various fields such as healthcare, sales, government sectors, IT sectors, etc. The future scope looks promising in this profession. This field will help you a lot in developing your skills as well as your knowledge after completion of the course. With technology, this industry has grown tremendously. You should enroll in the course if you have a keen interest in dealing with numbers and have a penchant for solving mathematical calculations.

Tools used in Business Analytics courses

Different tools are used in business analysis courses which play crucial roles in business to find the business goals by analyzing data for future business improvement. The tools are Dundas BI, Qlik, Tibco Spotfire, Splunk, Sisense, Excel, Python, Tableau, Power BI, R, etc.

  • Dundas BI – It is a business analysis tool to find trends in a company.
  • Qlik-It is a tool that helps to analyze the organization. It helps with data visualization and also provides a dashboard to gain business insights.
  • Tibco Spotfire – It is a powerful unstructured text analysis tool that helps in business analysis.
  • Splunk - It is a user interface that helps with data visualization features.
  • Sisense – It is a text analysis function for storing data.
  • Excel-Excel is a basic and important business analysis tool for synthesizing data. You can access charts, tables, charts, formulas, etc. inferences from massive datasets.
  • Python – Python is a programming language used for its flexibility to analyze datasets. It also has a series of libraries known as Pandas (Python Data Analysis Library).
  • Tableau- It is another tool for analyzing and visualizing data from large datasets. Like other analytical tools, it also provides smart dashboards for data analysis.
  • Power BI- It is a business analysis tool. It is a Microsoft tool and it collects big data from various business sources and analyzes data using charts, tables, graphs and tools etc.
  • R-R is used for statistical analysis. It also has several libraries for data analysis.

Here we share 7 best Business Analytics courses in Philippines for you

1. The University of Asia and the Pacific(Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Management with specialization in Business Analytics)

The University of Asia and the Pacific offers one of the best business analysis courses in the Philippines. The Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Business Analytics (BSBA-BA) is a four-year course that prepares students to work in the world of business analytics. The BSBA-BA offers students different ways to store data and use different methods to manipulate it.


In the BSBA-BA program, students go through an intense curriculum that prepares them to be future leaders ready to face the challenges of dealing with big data. The curriculum also allows students to start their career in Business Analytics with the opportunity to meet and learn from experts from companies that deal with big data in the world of business analytics.

Basic subjects (beginning of the 2nd year):

BSBA core subject

  • 15 modules Business Analytics Topics
  • Business Analytics Fundamentals (3 modules)
  • Basics of data storage (3 points)
  • Fundamentals of Descriptive Analysis (3 modules)
  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics (3 modules)
  • Fundamentals of Prescriptive Analytics (3 modules)
  • 6 modules Practice in Business Analytics

The main features of the course:

  • BSBA-BA students are able to collect, use, manage and manipulate data to obtain information for decision making.
  • Students interact with the best faculty of experienced business professionals and academic faculty from the School of Business and the School of Science and Engineering.
  • Students will have a significant internship experience in companies focused on Business Analytics.
  • This will also provide students with internships in companies to work on real business analysis projects.

Duration of the course:4 years

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2. University of Mapua

Mapua University offers one of the best business analysis courses in the Philippines. The course program is large.The Master of Business Analytics (MAN) program (mixed only) is a professional master's degree with a focus on business analytics applications.

MAN aims to help students understand and solve business analysis problems using appropriate business analysis techniques and tools. They can understand the basic skills and knowledge after attending the course with the help of professionals.


MAN201 (Statistical Analysis and Fundamentals of Analytics)

  • This course introduces math statistics, summary statistics, and sample statistics.
  • Probability and probability distributions.
  • Sampling distributions and significance tests.
  • more variables
  • Correlation and regression.
  • Bayes theorem and Bayesian statistics.
  • History of analysis, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, relationships, regression analysis.

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MAN202 (Schedule 1: Introduction to Analytical Tools)

  • This course introduces various programming tools.
  • Covers the fundamentals of SQL.
  • This course introduces analytical tools in the SAS Operations Guide.
  • This course introduces other analytical software.
  • Tools like Python, R language, MATLAB, Power BI, SAS.

MAN203 (Programming II: Analytics Application)

  • This course begins by providing an overview of the steps in a practical business environment.
  • After discussing basic data pre-processing activities, this course details how you can effectively use predictive and descriptive analytics.
  • Examples of business applications covered include credit scoring and risk modeling, basket analysis and cross-sells, customer lifetime value modeling, and web intelligence.
  • Students receive practical advice on how to configure all analytical tools.
  • The class focuses on various analytical concepts.
  • Data Visualization, Dashboard, Customer Retention, Response Modeling and Shopping Cart Analysis.

MAN204 (data analysis and design)

  • This course takes a critical look at the internal and external data management methods available to organizations.
  • This includes data, which originates from the cloud.
  • Students will apply data modeling techniques and data design strategies to solve decision problems.
  • Analytics layer, analytics lifecycle, data visualization, statistical analysis, forecast modeling and optimization.

MAN205 (Data Integration and Storage)

  • This course provides an introduction to data warehouse development methods.
  • Modeling and design of data warehouses.
  • Big data queries and reports.
  • Data access and management
  • Data cleaning.

MAN206 (Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning)

  • This course introduces predictive analytics concepts. It is the most common form of data mining. This course covers the two main paradigms of predictive modeling. These are sorting and forecasting.
  • Data mining such as decision trees, clustering, time series and forecasts, survival analysis, risk analysis, financial analysis, and text mining.

MAN207 (prescriptive analysis)

  • This course will focus on how optimization techniques can be used to make decisions.
  • It will be in the formulation of various optimization problems.
  • Linear programming, multiobjective programming, large-scale linear programming.

MAN208 (Professional Issues and Social Concerns)

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  • The course introduces ethical theories.
  • Provides discussions of the ethical issues faced by IT professionals.
  • It also includes data protection, ethical, moral and legal issues.

MAN209 (Strategic Management)

  • This course introduces the basic concepts, tools and competitive analysis.
  • The course focuses on information, analysis, processes and organizational skills, as well as the positioning of their companies.
  • Strategic management and leadership, external analysis, internal analysis and business-level strategies, international strategy, business management and strategic entrepreneurship.

MAN210 (Special Topics in Business Analysis)

  • This course provides students with guidance from industry experts on implementing analytics using emerging technologies.
  • This course allows students to learn from industry professionals in the real world of analytics applications.

MAN300-1 (Master 1's Capstone Project)

  • The company helps to increase knowledge.
  • The company will give business problems.
  • Students analyze data and prepare to find solutions.

MAN300-2 (Master 2's Capstone Project)

In this course, students will present the final result of their project to the sponsoring company.

Main features of this course:

  • The ability to build analytical models.
  • The ability to design a process to solve business problems.
  • The ability to use machine learning to make business decisions.
  • The ability to visualize data for analysis.
  • The ability to collaborate in organizational teams.
  • The ability to provide data analytics.
  • The ability to provide data science activities.
  • The ability to apply problem-solving strategies to make business decisions.

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3. 360 DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG offers one of the best online Business Analytics courses in the Philippines. They offer 72 hours of online teaching and sessions, 100+ hours of hands-on work, 2 live Capstone projects.


  • Data science, programming and artificial intelligence
  • Hypothesis test and simple linear regression
  • Linear regression
  • Unsupervised and unsupervised data mining
  • Black Box teknik
  • Data visualization through tables and graphs
  • In-depth visual analysis
  • Calculations, panels, linear regression

The program also includes unlimited mock interviews and quiz sessions, LMS lifetime access sessions, LinkedIn resume and review sessions, free live webinars, and jobs in the business analytics fields. They give a certificate upon completion of the course. You will also be trained by instructors from ISB, IIT and IIM.

Duration of the course: Four months

Professional courses from IIM SKILLS

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  • SEO course
  • technical writing course
  • Course GST
  • content writing course
  • Financial Modeling Course
  • Business accounting and tax course
  • CAT Coaching

4. Easy learning

Simplilearn is a leading online institute offering Business Analytics courses in the Philippines. Through a partnership with IBM, it offers a graduate program for business analysis courses. The course is designed to train you in various modules such as tableau training, data analysis and visualization with Python, Business Analyst Capstone, and mathematical optimization for business problems.

Tools like Excel, Power BI, My SQL, EXIN Agile etc. are covered in this lesson.

The fee structure is Rs. NOK 54,000 including all taxes.

Duration of the course: 12 months

5. update

upGrad offers one of the best online Business Analytics courses in the Philippines. Offers 100+ hours of learning, 3+ case studies, projects and live sessions. The tools covered in this program are Tableau, Excel, Python and My SQL. Education is divided into three courses. They are Lesson 1 (Business Problem Solving, Ideation and Storytelling), Lesson 2 (Exploratory Data and Statistical Analysis and Optimization) and Lesson 3 (Predictive Analytics).

Certification for this online course is offered by the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

The fee structure is Rs. NOK 25,000 including all taxes.

Duration of the course: 3 months

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6. Coursera

Coursera is a leading online institute offering Business Analytics courses in the Philippines. The course is considered a Specialization in Business Analytics. The duration of the course is approximately 6 months. with 3 hours/week.

You will learn many technical skills such as information ingestion, performance evaluation, business problem modeling and determination, and business problem solving with data-driven decision making. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Coursera certificate.

7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers one of the best Business Analytics courses in the Philippines. The course is known as a Certified Business Analytics Practitioner (CBAP) and is a 32-hour instructor-led training.

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Learning benefits:

  • Understand various aspects of data collection.
  • Communicate business objectives to better evaluate data analysis results.
  • Understand financial decisions based on analytics.
  • Make data-driven decisions to increase business accuracy.

The course also provides hands-on experience, including coverage of 5+ projects. These are:

  • Sales: Sales forecast by department
  • Multi-Domain: Business Analytics Optimization
  • Marketing: website trend analysis
  • Financial Analysis: Stock Market Predictions
  • Finance: Analyze ETF trends

Career service:

  • The course offers the opportunity for promotion in the current profile with the most demanding skills.
  • You will have the opportunity to build your portfolio for future interviews.
  • The program supports a startup with a high return on investment (ROI).
  • You earn a certification known as a Certified Business Analytics Practitioner (CBAP).
  • The course offers 24 hours of brushing sessions + 50 hours of e-learning access.


  • Module 1: Analysis
  • Unit 2: Introduction to R Programming
  • Unit 3: Data Structures and Operators
  • Section 4: Data processing
  • Unit 5: Implementing functions in R
  • Unit 6: Aggregate and Table Functions
  • Unit 7: Data Manipulation in R
  • Unit 8: Graphics
  • Unit 9: Advanced Diagrams
  • Unit 10: Linear Regression


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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Analytics Courses in the Philippines

Q1. What is one of the best business analysis courses in the Philippines?

The business analysis courses mentioned above are in high demand in the Philippines and we recommend these courses for students looking to break into this field. You can enroll in all of the above courses after doing your research. We can assure you that all listed institutions offering the course are reputable.

E2. Who can enroll in business analysis courses in the Philippines?

Any candidate who wants to become a business analyst can enroll in a business analysis course in the Philippines. Any graduate can pursue business analysis. However, it will be a great help if someone has a background in science, business and engineering as they have a background in higher level mathematics and statistics.

E3. Is MBA mandatory for a business analysis course in the Philippines?

It is not mandatory to take business analysis courses in the Philippines. But if you have an MBA it will be a plus point for you. In the Philippines, demand for business analysts will be high if they have an MBA. Many companies hire business analysts to shape their business decision making.

Q4. What is the salary of business analysts?

It depends on the experience of a business analyst. In the Philippines, a Senior Business Analyst earns on average40.000 ₱every month.

Q5. What skills are needed to take business analysis courses in the Philippines?

The skills needed are technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills, time management skills, organizational skills, etc.

Q6. What are the challenges for business analysts?

  • A sharp and insightful mind is a must. It can be challenging at times.
  • This job has high expectations from all departments and it's hard to please everyone in the organization.
  • Not all approaches are welcome and there is a high potential for conflict between stakeholders.
  • It is difficult to document complete information, and sometimes it becomes even more difficult to protect the information.


Top 7 business analysis courses mentioned in Philippines are in high demand for both domestic and international students. Large companies hire experienced business analysts to develop their future business accuracy. If you are from the Philippines, the above institutes are the best place to study business analysis. The institutes offer certificate programs to get a series of jobs after completing the course from one of the institutes. It is ideal for you who have excellent skills to analyze data, create solutions and deal with customers at the same time.

These courses provide excellent practical business analysis through assignments, course materials and, of course, face-to-face and online courses. They also offer demo classes. The Philippines is now a place of technology where various industries have been established. You must possess technical skills, leadership qualities, soft skills and much more that will help you tremendously in establishing yourself as a successful business analyst. The curriculum of these courses is not only comprehensive but also practical.

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From all students to professionals, these courses will help you understand both theoretical and practical skills. Every major company in the world hires experienced business analysts to grow their companies and become future leaders. Your job is to work at these companies to improve their business by solving business problems by doing analysis to make decisions. This article will give you an insight into business analyst courses.


What is business analytics courses? ›

Business analytics (BA) is a set of disciplines and technologies for solving business problems using data analysis, statistical models and other quantitative methods. It involves an iterative, methodical exploration of an organization's data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis, to drive decision-making.

What course to take to become a writer in the Philippines? ›

Bachelor of Arts in Literature in the Philippines.

What is the subject of technical writing? ›

Technical writing is any writing about technical information. It can include, but is not limited to, preparation of technical manuals and handbooks about technology. Technical writers need to have good writing skills, because they have to convey complex information.

What are the 3 types of Business Analytics? ›

There are three types of analytics that businesses use to drive their decision making; descriptive analytics, which tell us what has already happened; predictive analytics, which show us what could happen, and finally, prescriptive analytics, which inform us what should happen in the future.

What are Business Analytics skills? ›

Business analytics focuses on data, statistical analysis and reporting to help investigate and analyze business performance, provide insights, and drive recommendations to improve performance.

What is the hourly rate for writer Philippines? ›

Copywriting Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title:Content WriterRange:₱40 - ₱509Average:₱156
Social Media ManagerRange:₱7 - ₱762Average:₱154
CopywriterRange:₱8 - ₱986Average:₱244
WriterRange:₱5 - ₱986Average:₱131
3 more rows

How much does a writer make in the Philippines? ›

Average ₱32,078 per month.

How much is the salary of technical writer in the Philippines? ›

What can I earn as a Technical Writer? The average monthly salary for Technical Writer jobs in the Philippines ranges from ₱28,000 to ₱38,000.

Is business analytics course useful? ›

The Benefits of Business Analytics

Improve operational efficiency through their daily activities. Assist businesses to understand their customers more precisely. Business uses data visualization to offer projections for future outcomes. These insights help in decision making and planning for the future.

Is business analytics hard? ›

It's moderately hard to become a business analyst. You should have soft and technical skills and the proper education to become a successful business analyst.

Why should I take a business analytics course? ›

In simple language, Business Analytics solves business problems or helps make data-driven decisions using insights from big data to help companies become more innovative, productive, and competitive.

Is business analytics a good career? ›

Is Business Analytics a good career? Yes! Business Analytics is an excellent option for you, no matter which department or industry you work in.


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