Stream or skip: "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock marks the longtime daytime soap's permanent migration to streaming (2023)

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  • Stream or skip: "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock marks the longtime daytime soap's permanent migration to streaming (1)
  • Stream or skip: "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock marks the longtime daytime soap's permanent migration to streaming (2)

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already haddays of our livesFans outraged that NBC's venerable soap opera is moving to NBCUniversal's streaming platform full-timePeacock🇧🇷 But then even moretomaHearts heads wept last week as coverage of Elizabeth II's death foreshadowed the show's final moments. A move to streaming should please everyone: a different ad structure can mean longer episodes as new episodes are filmed for Peacock, and the exclusive stream means no breaks are needed to deliver breaking news.


opening shot:"Thanks for the call, Dad," Hotshot exec Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) says from behind his oversized desk at TITAN. "Send all my love to Sonny and tell him I'll see him tomorrow." And when Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) walks in, Alex says it was her press release that helped make up for TITAN's downfall.

The essentials:After 57 years on televisiondays of our liveshe left the dwindling network soap opera squad for a new life on broadcast. But platforming aside, it's the same raunchy drama. When daredevil Alex asks Stephanie to "celebrate" Kosmos with him, she immediately gets a lesson in the professional boundaries of the PR manager. And at the DiMera family mansion, the fallout from Jake's funeral includes Johnny (Carson Boatman) jumping into bed with Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun). Her father EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) hates her, but Johnny is okay because he hates her father. EJ is also not a fan of Li Shin (Remington Hoffman), who is engaged to DiMera CEO Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). "Now that it's over," says an icy EJ from the memorial, "feel free to make a tasty but hasty exit." Shin says that he is waiting for Gabi, who says goodbye to Stefan, she, in the mausoleum of the family who died four years ago and who was also the brother of the late Jake. And then Stefan (Brandon Barash) walks through the door. "Hears,gabi.“

If you thought Salem mayor Abe Carver (James Reynolds) was running for governor, think again. It's actually Paulina Price (Jackee Harry) who is running, much to the surprise of Paulina's daughter Chanel (Raven Bowers) and her friend Allie (Lindsay Arnold), who have just baked 10,000 Vote for Abe cookies at the bakery they they manage. Stephanie also does PR for Paulina and Abe and wants to promote them as Salem's political "power couple".

As Gabi tries to explain that the sightings of Jake getting killed by Ava, the ones that drove her crazy, to the point where Johnny says EJ can set them on fire, were actually real because he saw Stefan, the guy who died suddenly doesn't want to listen. about Jake or Jake's outfit he's wearing or Gabi's supposed love for him. "I donated Stefan's heart and now it's in Julie Williams!" she exclaims, but Stefan replies that Dr. Rolf (Richard Warton) gave him a new heart and even ripped open her shirt to show him the scar. "I'm Stefan," she says. "I'm sure." Well, that's what defines one of us.

Stream or skip: "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock marks the longtime daytime soap's permanent migration to streaming (3)

What shows will this remind you of?There is precedent for Peacock handling this mainline soap, as the streamer already hosts the spinoff.Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem🇧🇷 And on Netflix you can watch four pretty decent seasons.DynastyReboot with Grant Show and Elizabeth Gillies. Yhospital Generalappeared on Hulu, though the veteran soap opera will soon be leaving the service.

Our opinion:We know that Gabi originally seduced Stefan to gain control of the DiMera family business, but she actually fell in love with him as part of her plan. We also know that Stefan ended up getting shot in the neck and that Gabi was donating his vital organs hostage to gain more power. And now we know that Stefan didn't die because Dr. Rolf put someone else's heart in him, it must be Jake's, right? Maybe, but what makes this whole mausoleum sequence great is Gabi running to kiss Stefan while his new fiancé is outside, and Shin's reaction to seeing Stefan in person. Looks like he swallowed an insect. A big. And that makes a lot of sense, not just because of the confusing nature of Stefan's return, but because of the look on his face at the end of this episode. EJ's accusations about what Shin is up to might not be so exaggerated after all.

There will no doubt be some technical and logistical issues to deal with in the long run.days of our livesViewers tune in to NBC for their daily "stories" and get a newscast instead. But with the format's presence on broadcast networks dwindling rapidly, migrating an old soap opera to Peacock seems not only natural, but a necessity to survive. Eric Martsolf who plays Bradytoma,isthat soap opera fans always accept change, and he's not wrong. What other format allows different actors to step in and out of characters, or play entirely different characters on the same show, without viewers saying so? Change is in the soap opera's DNA. And fortunately for the continuing rarity of thedays of our livesPlot, this is drama.

gender and skin:A shirtless Johnny sleeps with Ava and Chanel and Allie kiss at Alex's suggestion. "I never want to share you with anyone," Allie tells her friend.

parting shot:Stefan has just come out of the mausoleum after finding out about Gabi and Shin's engagement and telling Gabi that he never loved her the way she says she loved him. "I'm sorry Gabi," Shin says, hugging her. "This must be so upsetting for you, so painful. Everything will be fine. I'll fix it." And as Gabi hugs him tighter, Shin's eyes narrow into a sickening smile.

sleeping star: hospital Generalmiall my kidsVeteran Tamara Braun, who won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her debut as Ava Vitalitomain 2008, she's had a lot of fun in the role since her return to the soap in 2020. When a stuttering EJ sees her in bed with his son Johnny, he just shrugs and says "What are you going to do about it?" expensive. for the guy. And then after EJ calls Ava a "cougar," Braun makes her leave with a delicious scratching post."roar.“

Most of the pilot line:"Feelings have to go both ways," Stephanie tells Alex after he tries to cheat on her. "You're aware of that, right? Since I can't get in touch with you, I'll try again to be clear. Your attempts to make me change my opinion of you are a waste of my time and yours. And, frankly, dangerous for your career, because if you keep exaggerating, we won't be able to work together. Got it?In response to his awakening from the me too era, Alex tries to lure Chanel and Allie into a threesome.

Will you stream or skip the popular soap opera?#days of our livesa@pavorealtv?#SIOSI

— Decider (@decider)September 14, 2022

Our appeal:To transmit. Look at it this waydays of our livesFans: Now that your favorite daytime soap is on Peacock, you don't have to wait until the afternoon to catch all the tasty drama.

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