Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (2023)

Also face the problem“Obtaining Protection Information”It crashes every time you restart your PC and open Virus & Threat Protection as shown in the following image:

Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (1)

Also, various forums are flooded with the same question and people share this problem to find a good solution.

A person caught saying:

My virus and threat protection is disabled and I need to enable it. When I click on it it just says Get protection information and never loads. Is there a solution for this?

In another query, someone else says:

Every time I restart my PC, Windows Defender starts "Get Protection Info" for a long time and during this time I can't check for viruses or updates. It only happens after I restart my PC, but it's still very weird and annoying. I scanned with Malwarebytes and found nothing, but my PC was working fine just 30 minutes ago. Anyone else have this?

If you're also facing the same problem, you've come to the right place. In this solution guide, I will show you all the solutions you can use to solve this problem.

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Why does Virus & Threat Protection get stuck retrieving protection information?

If you get this getting protection info message when you open Virus & Threat Protection inwindow 11so that usually happens whenThe virus definition is updated. It's a background process andshould be gone after a while.

But if it doesn't go away even after repeated PC shutdowns, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Conflict with third-party antivirus program installed on the PC
  • corrupt record
  • System infected with malware
  • corrupted system files
  • Errors in the current version of Windows 11

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How to fix blocked protection information in Windows 11

Follow the fixes below to resolve this issue:

1. Uninstall third-party antivirus software

If you have third-party software installed on your software, thewindowThe operating system will automatically detect it and shut downHowever, in most cases, you can get stuck in this protection information retrieval process as it thinks it needs to be updated. So the first thing you can try is to disable your other security programs.

Check if the problem is resolved. If Windows Defender is still stuck on the same message, remove the third-party antivirus completely. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. SearchSwitchboardnosearch barmake Windows 11.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (2)

  2. switch tosmall iconsheview as.
  3. click onprograms and resources.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (3)

  4. search forprograma antivirusclick on it and pressuninstall.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (4)

The antivirus program will be uninstalled. Now restart your PC and see for yourself if the problem persists or is resolved.

2. Check the date and time settings

correct date and timeThey are very important when it comes to real-time protection. If your pc is running with working date and time then the antivirus software will think you run out of date definition and will keep searching for new definitions believing your pc run out of date.

Setting the correct date and time on your Windows PC solves this problem. How to set the correct date and time:

  1. The right mouse buttonAtime and dateWidget NrWindows taskbarand selectSetting date and time.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (5)

  2. ChooseSet time automatically toggle to disable it.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (6)

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  3. SelectTo changenoSet the date and time manuallySection.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (7)

  4. Set and select date and timeTo changeConfirm.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (8)

After setting the correct time, restart your PC and check if the virus and threat protection is still working the same way.

3. Repair and reset Windows security

Repairing and resetting the Windows Security app can also solve the problemObtain protection information...Stuck problem. To repair and reset Windows security:

  1. to aWindow + Xto open theExtended user menu.
  2. Select from the menu listapplications and functions.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (9)

  3. In the right pane, scroll down toWindows security.
  4. Then clickThree pointsand selectExpanded options.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (10)

  5. Scroll down and click theFixon buttonContinueSection.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (11)

  6. After clickingFixOption Restart your PC.
  7. If the repair does not help, follow steps 1 to 5 and click the buttonContinuebutton instead of Repair.
  8. Restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved.

4. Restart the Windows security service

You can then try restarting Windows Security and see if that helps. To do this, you can use the following steps:

  1. open thisServicesWindows, look for services in thesearch barand pressGet into.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (12)

  2. Scroll down until you findWindows Security Service (or Security Center)and double click on it.
  3. If the service status is Stopped, click the buttonBeginTaste.
  4. If the service is already running,Proand thenContinueagain.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (13)

  5. Restart your PC and openProtection against viruses and threatsand see if the message is gone.

For more information on restarting, stopping and starting, and Windows services, see ourWindows Services Guide.

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5. Enable virus and threat protection settings.

It may happen that real-time protection is disabled for some reason. You should enable it as soon as possible to protect your PC from malware and threats.
Since you cannot bypass this "Getting protection information..." message, the only way is to enable it using Powershell or Command Prompt. Here's how you can do that:

  1. SearchWindows PowerShellnoHome menuand clickExecute as administrator.
  2. In Windows PowerShell, enter the following command:

    Set-MpPreference -DisableRealtimeMonitoring $false

    After typing the command, press Enter and real-time protection will be enabled from now on.

  3. then searchProtection against viruses and threatsnoHome menuand hitOpen.
  4. noProtection against viruses and threatsclick onmanage settingsUnder Virus & threat protection settings.
  5. SearchProtection from tempermiflip the switchso that no other process messes up any security features in the future.
  6. Continueyour computer and check if virus and threat protection is disabled again.

There is a complete guide on how to turn Windows Defender on and off. To learn everything step by step, follow the guide belowHow to disable and enable Windows Defender.

6. Update Windows to the latest version

Virus and threat detection is part of Windows 11, so Windows needs to be updated to work properly with the latest features. Hence, it is necessary to update your Windows to the latest version.

If you have pending Windows updates, you should install them by following the steps below:

  1. nosearch baragainHome menuto searchCheck for updatesand click Open.

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (14)

  2. The Windows Update page opens and Windows starts checking for updates. When updates are available, thedownload nowThe button is displayed. click it

    Protection against viruses and threats blocks retrieval of protection information (15)

  3. After the update, restart your computer and try opening Virus & Threat Protection.

7. Run SFC and DISM checks

It often happens that a program corrupts the system files, especially those that need access to a firewall or that require virus and threat protection to be disabled in order to be installed on the system.

These programs complicate the normal functioning of Windows Defender and cause normal behavior. Hence, it is necessary to repair these files by removing theWindows hard drive error checking toolslike windowDISMmiSFC-Scans.

These checks ensure that any missing or corrupted system files are restored and repaired. see ours.

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Is that. You have been shown all the possible ways to fix Windows Defender stuck on getting protection info…. Just try them one by one to fix this Windows problem in Windows 11. If you found these methods helpful and they worked for you, please feel free to share them with those who need them. If you have any other solutions to suggest that we may have overlooked, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for staying with us.

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What are the 3 methods for protecting your device from malware? ›

How to prevent malware
  • Keep your computer and software updated. ...
  • Use a non-administrator account whenever possible. ...
  • Think twice before clicking links or downloading anything. ...
  • Be careful about opening email attachments or images. ...
  • Don't trust pop-up windows that ask you to download software. ...
  • Limit your file-sharing.

How viruses can be prevented detected and blocked? ›

Use an anti-malware app - Installing an anti-malware app and keeping it up to date can help defend your PC against viruses and other malware (malicious software). Microsoft Defender is free anti-malware software included with Windows, and it's kept updated automatically through Windows Update.

What is an antivirus question answer? ›

Antivirus is a kind of software used to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from a computer. Once installed, most antivirus software runs automatically in the background to provide real-time protection against virus attacks.

What is virus and threat protection? ›

Virus & threat protection in Windows Security helps you scan for threats on your device. You can also run different types of scans, see the results of your previous virus and threat scans, and get the latest protection offered by Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Which of the following are the main actions required to protect organizations from security threats? ›

Option-(d)-Prompt reporting of security breaches helps the organization to become aware of the current status of the system. This helps the organization to take immediate action to counter the security breach. Hence it is the correct option.

What are different methods of virus protection? ›

Computer virus protection

Use antivirus protection and a firewall. Get antispyware software. Always keep your antivirus protection and antispyware software up-to-date. Update your operating system regularly.

What 2 things should you do to protect your devices from a virus? ›

Back up your files regularly.
  • Install antivirus or anti-malware software. ...
  • Keep your antivirus software up to date. ...
  • Run antivirus scans regularly. ...
  • Keep your operating system up to date. ...
  • Protect your network. ...
  • Think before you click. ...
  • Keep your personal information secure. ...
  • Don't use unsecured Wi-Fi.

What methods can we use to protect your devices? ›

Get a security app.

Install a security app on your phone, just as you should install a firewall, antivirus software and an anti-spyware package on your computer. Popular options include Avast, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus and Bitdefender.

How can viruses be detected and removed from a computer? ›

The easiest way to remove viruses is by using an antivirus program designed to clean your system safely. If a virus is already on your computer, however, you may need to run this program under very specific conditions.

How many ways the virus hides itself from getting detected? ›

Explanation: The virus hides itself from getting detected in three different ways. These are by encrypting itself, by altering the disk directory with additional virus bytes or it uses stealth algorithm to redirect disk data.

How can viruses be detected? ›

Currently, nucleic-acid detection and immunoassay methods are among the most popular means for quickly identifying viral infection directly from source. Nucleic acid-based detection generally offers high sensitivity, but can be time-consuming, costly, and require trained staff.

What is antivirus Give 5 example? ›

An antivirus is a software that helps keep a computer system healthy and free of viruses and other types of malware. Some famous examples of antivirus software are McAfee, Kapersky, Norton and more.

Is an example of antivirus software answer? ›

Examples: Norton, McAfee and Kapersky.

What does threat blocked mean? ›

Threat blocked

This indicates that Defender has blocked and removed a threat on your device. There's no action necessary on your part, though you might want to consider how the threat reached your machine so you can reduce the risk of that occurring again.

What is the purpose of virus protection? ›

An antivirus product is a program designed to detect and remove viruses and other kinds of malicious software from your computer or laptop. Malicious software - known as malware - is code that can harm your computers and laptops, and the data on them.

Why is virus protection important? ›

Antivirus apps can help protect your shared networks against malicious attacks like Trojan Horses and ransomware. Antivirus tools can help you speed up the performance of your computer as they can declutter cached threats. Antivirus apps can help you keep your data secure and protected so you won't lose them.

Which actions are good ways to handle information security threats? ›

5 ways to improve your information security
  • Support cyber security staff. The first thing you must do is ensure that your cyber security staff have the support they need. ...
  • Conduct annual staff awareness training. ...
  • Prioritise risk assessments. ...
  • Regularly review policies and procedures. ...
  • Assess and improve.
Feb 11, 2021

What are three 3 areas of information security that require a security program priority? ›

Regardless of security policy goals, one cannot completely ignore any of the three major requirements—confidentiality, integrity, and availability—which support one another. For example, confidentiality is needed to protect passwords.

What are 3 common security measures a business should have in place to reduce security risks? ›

Use security tags on products. Install anti-virus software on computers. Install tracking software on portable computers. Change computer passwords regularly.

What is are the most common methods used to identify viruses? ›

PCR is one of the most widely used laboratory methods for detection of viral nucleic acids. PCR analysis can also be used to determine viral RNA, by adding an initial step in which the RNA is converted into DNA; know as reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR).

What is the most effective protection against viral infections? ›

Immunoprophylaxis against viral illnesses includes the use of vaccines or antibody-containing preparations to provide a susceptible individual with immunologic protection against a specific disease. Immunization against viral illnesses can be either active or passive.

What are the two methods to eliminate a virus? ›

If your PC has a virus, following these ten simple steps will help you to get rid of it:
  • Step 1: Download and install a virus scanner. ...
  • Step 2: Disconnect from internet. ...
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer into safe mode. ...
  • Step 4: Delete any temporary files. ...
  • Step 5: Run a virus scan. ...
  • Step 6: Delete or quarantine the virus.

How do you remove viruses from your device? ›

How to remove a virus from an Android phone
  1. Clear your cache and downloads. Open Settings, go to Apps & notifications, and select Chrome. ...
  2. Restart your Android device in safe mode. ...
  3. Find and remove malicious apps. ...
  4. Activate Google Play Protect. ...
  5. Install anti-malware software.
Sep 30, 2022

What are the 3 types of viruses? ›

Based on their host, viruses can be classified into three types, namely, animal viruses, plant viruses, and bacteriophages.

How do you keep data safe and secure? ›

Here are some practical steps you can take today to tighten up your data security.
  1. Back up your data. ...
  2. Use strong passwords. ...
  3. Take care when working remotely. ...
  4. Be wary of suspicious emails. ...
  5. Install anti-virus and malware protection. ...
  6. Don't leave paperwork or laptops unattended. ...
  7. Make sure your Wi-Fi is secure.
Aug 8, 2022

What is data protection process? ›

Data protection is the process of safeguarding important data from corruption, compromise or loss and providing the capability to restore the data to a functional state should something happen to render the data inaccessible or unusable.

What is the simplest way to protect data when a device is lost or stolen? ›

Using a whole-disk encryption program is the best safeguard against unauthorized access of data on your laptop or notebook computer. Such applications use strong encryption methods that protect your device's hard drive while allowing you easy access to your data.

How can I find a hidden virus on my computer? ›

Open your Windows Security settings. Select Virus & threat protection > Scan options. Select Windows Defender Offline scan, and then select Scan now.

How are viruses hidden? ›

Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. Computer viruses also spread through downloads on the Internet. They can be hidden in pirated software or in other files or programs that you might download.

How do you know if you have a virus on your phone? ›

7 signs your phone has a virus
  1. Your device feels physically hot. Your phone isn't built to support malware. ...
  2. Random messages are sent to your contacts. ...
  3. The device responds slowly. ...
  4. You find fraudulent charges on your accounts. ...
  5. The phone uses excess data.
Aug 24, 2022

What type of virus can hide itself to avoid detection? ›

Any virus that tries to avoid detection by antivirus software is considered a stealth virus. A stealth virus has an intelligent architecture, making it difficult to eliminate it completely from a computer system.

Can viruses go undetected? ›

Malware or viruses can be missed by software for several reasons. One reason is that the software may not be able to recognize the malware or virus because it is new and has not been previously identified.

What are the three methods used to detect a computer virus? ›

There are three commonly known detection methods for infections known as signature-based, behavioral, and cloud-based.

How is a virus treated? ›

For most viral infections, treatments can only help with symptoms while you wait for your immune system to fight off the virus. Antibiotics do not work for viral infections. There are antiviral medicines to treat some viral infections. Vaccines can help prevent you from getting many viral diseases.

How many types of anti virus are there? ›

There are three types of antivirus based on their detection method: signature-based, behavior-based, and machine learning. But you can also divide them according to the operating system they protect.

What software is antivirus? ›

Antivirus software is a type of security software designed to protect users from multiple types of malware, not just viruses. The software is a risk management tool that scans devices regularly and on-demand for known malware and suspicious behavior associated with malware.

What are the two main issues with antivirus software? ›

The case against Antivirus. There are two main complaints against antivirus: it's riddled with bugs and the way it's designed gets in the way of other software measures.

What is the difference between virus and antivirus in computer? ›

Q. 2 What is the difference between viruses and antivirus? Antivirus software or anti-virus software is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove the virus. Whereas, Virus is a kind of malware that infects files and then spreads through a device whenever the file or program is run.

What are the three main functions of antivirus? ›

It performs the functions as follows:
  • Scans the specific files and directories for malware patterns which can indicate any malware.
  • Allows the users to schedule scans according to them. ...
  • Users can also scan the system anytime they want.
  • If it detects any malicious software it removes it from the system.

What is an example of virus in computer? ›

A computer virus is a type of malicious software, or malware, that infects computers and corrupts their data and software. Worm, ILOVEYOU, SQL Slammer, Stuxnet, CryptoLocker, Tinba, Welchia, and Shlayer are some examples of computer viruses.

What are five ways to protect your computer from viruses and other threats? ›

11 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Viruses
  • Install an anti-virus program. ...
  • Install anti-spyware and anti-malware programs. ...
  • Avoid suspicious websites. ...
  • Never open email attachments without screening them. ...
  • Set up automatic scans. ...
  • Watch your downloads. ...
  • Update, Update, Update! ...
  • Always be in the know.
Jul 22, 2022

What are the measures taken to protect your computer? ›

Tips to protect your computer
  • Use a firewall. ...
  • Keep all software up to date. ...
  • Use antivirus software and keep it current. ...
  • Make sure your passwords are well-chosen and protected. ...
  • Don't open suspicious attachments or click unusual links in messages. ...
  • Browse the web safely. ...
  • Stay away from pirated material.

What are the measures of computer security? ›

Control access to data and systems

control physical access to premises and computers network. restrict access to unauthorised users. limit access to data or services through application controls. restrict what can be copied from the system and saved to storage devices.

What are the computer safety measures? ›

Computer Security Measures
  • Computer safety Measure: ...
  • Use A Personal Firewall. ...
  • Keep Your Browser And Operating System Up-To-Date With Software Updates. ...
  • Activate A Pop-Up Blocker. ...
  • Scan Your Computer For Spyware Regularly. ...
  • When You Are Not Using Your Computer, Shut It Down Or Disconnect It From The Internet.

What are examples of virus protection? ›

Examples: Norton, McAfee and Kapersky.

What is the important of data security? ›

Why is Data Security important? Data is a valuable asset that generates, acquires, saves, and exchanges for any company. Protecting it from internal or external corruption and illegal access protects a company from financial loss, reputational harm, consumer trust degradation, and brand erosion.

What are the 4 types of security controls? ›

One of the easiest and most straightforward models for classifying controls is by type: physical, technical, or administrative, and by function: preventative, detective, and corrective.

What are the 5 basic security principles? ›

The U.S. Department of Defense has promulgated the Five Pillars of Information Assurance model that includes the protection of confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and non-repudiation of user data.

What are the five types of security controls? ›

The CIS Controls are divided into 18 controls.
  • CIS Control 1: Inventory and Control of Enterprise Assets.
  • CIS Control 2: Inventory and Control of Software Assets.
  • CIS Control 3: Data Protection.
  • CIS Control 4: Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software.
  • CIS Control 5: Account Management.

What are the most important safety measures? ›

The Basics of Safety
  • STAY ALERT - and stay alive. ...
  • WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES - work clothes should fit properly. ...
  • USE THE RIGHT TOOLS - if you need a hammer, get a hammer. ...
  • LEARN HOW TO LIFT - Lifting takes more than muscle; it is an art.

What are the 4 main steps to protect your computer from viruses? ›

  • Require employees to use strong passwords and change them periodically. ...
  • Install anti-virus software. ...
  • Install anti-spyware and anti-malware software. ...
  • Perform daily full system scans. ...
  • Create a periodic system backup schedule. ...
  • Regularly update your computer system. ...
  • Use your firewall. ...
  • Use email with caution.
Jul 1, 2021


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