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Your preventative maintenance plan should be unique to your facility, but there are some key characteristics that are universal. The most convenient approach to performing these steps is to use a preventive maintenance checklist. In this way, you can take processes, maintenance and information from a manual and into the hands of competent personnel, thereby standardizing PM in your companyCMMS.

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Checklists are a great way to standardize routine tasks that you need to perform on a regular basis. Likewise, you can use a preventive maintenance checklist to simplify a number of preventive maintenance tasks.

A preventive maintenance checklist pulls maintenance information and processes from a manual and places it in the hands of competent personnel, standardizing PMs across your organization.CMMS.

This article will show you how to create checklists for preventive maintenanceimprove the efficiency and profitability of your maintenance team.

This article covers:

  • What is a preventive maintenance checklist?
  • types and examples
  • advantages
  • 3 things to do before creating PM checklists
  • components
  • features
  • 7 steps to creating an effective checklist
  • templates and examples
  • Conclusion

What is a preventive maintenance checklist?

A preventative maintenance checklist is a list of actions that the technician must perform before completing preventive maintenance.service order.

A PM checklist ensures that the team completes preventive maintenance tasks correctly and in the same order, regardless of which member of the maintenance team is doing them.

Preventive maintenance checklists go by different names, the most popular being preventive maintenance worklists or task groups. Pass-or-fail checklists and step-by-step checklists are the two main forms of preventive maintenance checklists.


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types and examples

approve or suspend

Many machine parts have ideal working conditions. A compressor, for example, has an ideal operating temperature. A pass or fail checklist may include instructions for measuring the actual compressor temperature and comparing it to acceptable standards. The compressor may or may not meet this standard.

Pass-or-fail preventative maintenance checklists can identify problems and prevent bigger problems by scheduling maintenance earlier than usual. While maintenance personnel can fill out these checklists, machine operators are often responsible. If you discover an issue during a pass or fail checklist, a service engineer will delegate subsequent tasks.


  • Record the beat rate per minute at which the X-Machine is working. Is the X-Machine inlet temperature below 70°F? (Yes/Pass, No/Fail)
  • Record the starting temperature of the Machine-X product using the infrared temperature meter. Is the outlet temperature below 95°F? (Yes/Success, No/Failure)
  • If you ticked 'No/Error' on any of the above tasks, please notify maintenance/create a work request in your CMMS.

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Step by step

There are also machine parts that require preventative maintenance depending on how the asset is used. For example, a motor needs to be replaced every 500 hours. A preventive maintenance checklist guides you step-by-step through the engine replacement process from start to finish.

These checklists ensure that no critical steps are overlooked during a PM inspection, greatly minimizing the chance of an error. Typically, maintenance technicians assign or perform these checklists because they involve more complex and technical tasks.

Example of a step-by-step checklist

  • Lock the main control panel to complete the following preventative maintenance task.
  • Test the machine to ensure that the interlock is effective in preventing the machine from operating.
  • Remove the conveyor belt.
  • Replace both non-drive end bearings and inspect the shaft for damage.
  • Install the conveyor belt on the belt.
  • Remove lockout/tagout and test conveyor at speeds listed below: VFD 5, 10, and 15.

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Main Benefits

Members of your maintenance team will likely be able to rattle the stages for certain tasks out of their heads. However, not everyone has the same information, especially if they are new to the job. A formal preventive maintenance checklist keeps this information in the palm of your hand for quick access.

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See how it works:

Standardized tasks and results

Checklists establish a standard method for performing preventative maintenance tasks and routine inspections that produce consistent results. There's no guesswork or communication errors, reducing the chance of errors and the need for costly repairs. A good checklist will tell you, for example, what type of engine you need to change so you don't end up using the wrong part.

Reliability allows you to plan more efficiently and mitigates the effects of attrition by ensuring your processes continue even when your employees are not. It improves the effectiveness of training, increases safety and prevents over-dependence on one person.

Maximized staff efficiency

Preventative maintenance checklists make it easier for technicians to complete PMs, resulting in faster turnaround times. This significantly reduces downtime and allows staff to focus on more specialized tasks in less time. Detailed checklists can buy technicians time by sharing work with other plant personnel, such as B. machine operator, delegate. Checklists are an important aspect of developing a great oneTotally productive maintenanceProgram.

Easier troubleshooting and reporting

Preventive maintenance checklists provide a solid basis for measuring maintenance activities because they are consistent. Using this baseline, you can generate clearer reports and determine whether or not a particular action led to better results. When technicians perform tasks in a standardized manner, the likelihood of errors is greatly reduced. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting by minimizing the number of potential problems.

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needs analysis

As part of your preventive maintenance approach, you'll no doubt want to create maintenance checklists. If that's the case, you should be familiar with most of these processes.

Make a list of assets that require PM

You can skip this step if you only have a few assets in mind for a preventative maintenance checklist. It pays to be strategic and have everything in one place if you plan to create checklists for dozens of assets, especially if you're not already tracking thempreventive maintenance software.

Gather original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals.

Obviously you don't need all of them. The manuals for the assets you are creating PM checklists for are sufficient. OEM manuals contain specific instructions and technical information on how to use and care for the equipment. They also provide details on the parts, safety and maintenance required to get the most out of each asset.

Evaluate system history

Due to frequent breakages and the use of aftermarket parts, assets can develop different patterns over time. This means you may need to run additional tests.maintenance and operationbeyond what is stated in the OEM manual.


Aside from looking at examples, the easiest way to create one is to learn what should be included in a PM checklist. These are the standard components of any PM checklist:

1) Preparation details

  • Tools needed to complete the job.
  • Spare parts needed to complete the job.
  • Estimated time needed to complete the job

2) Security Details

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3) Corrective lenses (if necessary)

  • Photos
  • Diagram
  • Videos

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1. Communicate the steps clearly and concisely

It's just as troubling to have too much information as it is to have too little. Finding the right balance can be difficult. A good PM should generally be easy enough for a new maintenance person to follow with minimal guidance.

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2. Write down the steps in a logical order

Step-by-step checklists should always include a list of items that need to be done in the exact order.

3. Update the data regularly

Creating a PM checklist is not something you should do once and then forget.

  • Bonus-Tipp:Once you have completed your preventive maintenance checklist, have it completed by an experienced maintenance specialist to ensure no steps have been missed. You are familiar with the details of the assets concerned. Alternatively, you can have an experienced technician create it from scratch.

Steps to create an effective checklist

Preventative maintenance checklists are not all created equal. Poorly written policies can be just as problematic as not having them. Your maintenance team already has all the essential data; The trick is to compile it and organize it into formal processes.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist 2022 | definitive guide (6)

During this process, keep the following seven points in mind:

  1. Safety first:Preventative maintenance checklists should begin and end with safety instructions, such as: B. Mandatory PPE,Lockout-TagoutHygiene procedures and procedures.
  2. Make sure it's sequential:Preventative maintenance checklists should list tasks in the correct order.
  3. follow thatpreventive maintenanceStructure:This is the order to follow for a PM checklist:
    • security
    • Cleaned
    • To adjust
    • Inspect
    • Ersatz
    • Substitute
    • Rebuild
    • security
  4. Provide enough details:PM checklists should be detailed enough that new technicians can complete the task simply by reading the checklist. Too much information can be confusing and difficult to change when necessary.
  5. Provide photos and/or diagrams:To simplify the process and eliminate ambiguity, PM checklists should include visual representations of the instructions.
  6. Be as brief as possible:To ensure optimal efficiency, each task in a PM checklist should have a defined action and associated goal.
  7. Provide the total time for the checklist or the time requirements for each task:Make sure you allocate enough time for the tasks so the technicians don't feel rushed.

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templates and examples

air conditioning

Here is an example of a preventive maintenance checklist for an air conditioner:

  • Check the thermostat and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Examine the condenser coil to see if it needs cleaning.
  • Check all controls, electrical connections and any wiring.
  • Check the fan belt for wear and tension and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Check the voltage and current draw of all motors with a meter.
  • Check compressor contactor.
  • Check the consumption of the amplifier and visually inspect the compressor.
  • Check potential relay and starting capacitor.
  • Check the shutoff setting on the pressure switch.
  • Replace or clean the air filter if it is reusable.

Forklift maintenance checklist

Which maintenance checklists you use depends on the type of forklift you have:

  • Check fluid levels (e.g. fuel, water, hydraulics).
  • Look for visible damage.
  • Check the condition and pressure of the tires and adjust them if necessary.
  • Check the condition of the forks.
  • Check that inspection decals and stickers are present and legible, and adjust if necessary.
  • Make sure the cab is clean and free of debris, and clean if not.
  • Check that safety devices (e.g. seat belts, finger guards) are working properly.

Building envelope checklist

The external condition of your system is important for the overall operation. Here's a simple checklist for that:

  • Check the condition of the paint and walls.
  • Check for plants in the building and foundation.
  • Look for broken windows, doors, and railings.
  • Examine the ceiling and clean if necessary. Use appropriate fall protection or fall protection measures when working at height.
  • Clean gutters and gutters by testing gutters and gutters and flushing with water.
  • Make sure the gutters are properly anchored.
  • Check the chimney and all roof penetrations.
  • Remove plants growing on the roof.
  • Clear away broken glass or other debris.
  • Examine the condition of the driveway, driveway and parking lot.
  • Check the sewers.
  • Check the trees to make sure there aren't any branches falling.
  • Make sure the area around the containers is clean.
  • Examine the condition of the fences.

Safety Checklist

Here is a basic safety checklist for equipment and supplies:

  • Check inventory and replenish all first aid kits.
  • Check the bottles and eye wash stations.
  • Ensure safety signs and equipment tags are in good condition.
  • Check and clean respirators.
  • Inspect harnesses and sets.
  • Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights, and testing instruments.

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Preventive maintenance checklists are an important aspect of a good preventive maintenance program. Checklists prevent misunderstandings and reduce the risk of human error. They make life easier for everyone and allow your maintenance staff to focus on the tasks that make the most of their expertise and time.

Incorporating checklists for each preventive maintenance task into a preventative maintenance program is easy. It only takes a few simple steps and can have a huge impact on your entire setup. So before you move on to the next step in your maintenance journey, make sure you have well-designed maintenance checklists that will guide you towards greater efficiency, lower costs and safer operations.

What preventative maintenance checklists do you use for your facility? Let us know how you help in the comments!

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Kriti AgarwalPreventive Maintenance Checklist: Types, Benefits, Features, Tips & Examples


How do I make a PM checklist? ›

Six Tips for Creating a PM Checklist
  1. Involve the Right People in the Process. When planning the assets to maintain and creating PMs for each one, it helps to have the right types of expertise on board. ...
  2. Be Detailed, but Concise. ...
  3. Include Pictures. ...
  4. Include Safety Measures. ...
  5. Make Your Checklists Mobile. ...
  6. Update as Needed.
Feb 3, 2022

What are the 8 activities in the best practices in preventive maintenance? ›

Implementing a preventive maintenance program
  • Gather information on assets and equipment.
  • Develop a baseline on labor and costs.
  • Establish preventative maintenance inspection checklists.
  • Develop preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Bring the right MRO supplies into inventory.
  • Develop an efficient preventative maintenance schedule.
May 19, 2021

What are the 10 factors to consider in performing preventive maintenance? ›

10 Tips for Preventive Maintenance
  • Schedule maintenance according to equipment usage. ...
  • Make employees accountable for maintenance. ...
  • Ensure that the preventive maintenance tasks being performed are beneficial to the equipment. ...
  • Plan ahead to accommodate seasonality. ...
  • Ask your equipment provider for a maintenance arrangement.

What are the 5 M's of maintenance program? ›

Production management's responsibilities are summarized by the “five M's”: men, machines, methods, materials, and money. “Men” refers to the human element in operating systems.

What are the two 20 general types of maintenance? ›

  • Different Types of Maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Predetermined Maintenance.
  • Condition-Based Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Reactive (Run-to-Failure) Maintenance.
  • How to Choose the Right Strategy?

What are the four 4 successful maintenance program? ›

Four general types of maintenance philosophies can be identified, namely corrective, preventive, risk-based and condition-based maintenance.

What are the six steps of the basic checklist? ›

6 Steps to Creating a Checklist
  • Step 1: Identify “Stupid Mistakes” That Cause Failure. ...
  • Step 2: Seek Additional Input From Others. ...
  • Step 3: Create Simple “Do” Steps. ...
  • Step 4: Create Simple “Talk” Steps. ...
  • Step 5: Test The Checklist. ...
  • Step 6: Refine the Checklist.
Mar 13, 2017

What should be included in a checklist? ›

A typical checklist should have the following items:
  1. Give a name to your checklist. The name of the checklist represents the purpose and use of creating it.
  2. Date / Date range. ...
  3. Add tasks in your checklist. ...
  4. Continue repeating for every task.

What documentation is required for preventative maintenance? ›

The best way to document preventive maintenance is by logging work orders into your CMMS. When those work orders are well-designed and regularly logged on a consistent basis by your team, you'll start building up a powerful database that will help you plan future maintenance tasks and improve reliability.

What are the most common preventive maintenance tasks? ›

Common examples of preventive maintenance tasks are the regular cleaning, lubrication, replacing of parts, and equipment repairs. Preventive maintenance scheduling requirements differ depending on the equipment being maintained.

What are the 2 kind basic preventive maintenance? ›

There are two main types of preventive maintenance: calendar-based maintenance, and usage-based maintenance.

What are the 10 types of building maintenance activities? ›

Types of Building Maintenance Works in Daily Routine
  • Cleaning walls and floors. ...
  • Cleaning Glass panels and windows. ...
  • Cleaning Wash areas and toilets. ...
  • Cleaning the Environment. ...
  • Plinth area projection. ...
  • Ventilators. ...
  • White or color washing. ...
  • Maintenance of doors and windows.
Feb 3, 2017

What are the 5 importance of maintenance? ›

CMMS software will narrow down performance issues to parts and elements of your equipment. Here are five major benefits to keeping track of maintenance.
5 Important Reasons to Keep Maintenance History
  • Inspection and Compliance. ...
  • Budgeting and Capital Expenditures. ...
  • Replacing Equipment. ...
  • Labor. ...
  • Transcends People.

What is included in a preventive maintenance plan? ›

Example tasks may include cleaning, lubrication, replacing or repairing parts, or even partial or complete overhauls. More obvious examples of preventive maintenance include ensuring production line equipment is working efficiently or heating, ventilation or air conditioning elements are inspected, cleaned and updated.


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