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How to live healthy and disease free for the rest of your life. Do you think this is a chimera? If you think it's not possible, then you've already defeated your purpose. However, if you believe it's possible, let me state categorically that it's possible and it's happening.

I will tell you and show you how to make it happen for you, as it has for me and many others.

Listen carefully, we are naturally healthy and sick by default!

Living a healthy life is all about the choices we make every day about the things we do, the foods we eat and drink, and the lives we lead in general. I will show you how to live a dynamic, vibrant and healthy life. How to live a full life and never get sick, and how to do it all without medication or surgery.

The way you seem to have found the secret to the fountain of youth.

Let me ask you this very important question,

why are we sick
If we don't know the cause of something, it's nearly impossible to fix. So first we need to figure out what makes us so sick, and I'm sure some of the reasons we get sick will surprise you.

Simply put, there are only two reasons why a person gets sick.

  1. You "catch" something, which means your body picks up a germ, usually a bacteria or virus.

  2. Your body develops an illness or disease. This will happen because something has gone wrong in your systems and caused some imbalance.

Something is not working as it should and an illness or disease develops. Examples are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, heartburn, arthritis, etc.

Remember, our focus is on living a healthy life, so now let's dive a little deeper into these two causes of all disease and illness. And I start with the first cause to get something.

We said before that the problem is a bacteria or a germ. But face it, the atmosphere is full of these small, almost invisible creatures. Have you ever wondered why some people get the button and look good in the same environment as others?

Don't tell me they're made any differently, and you'll soon understand why this argument might one day fail the test.

I said earlier that we are naturally healthy, which means our bodies are designed to fight the bacteria and germs that bombard us every day.

This built-in device is called the immune system, which has two basic functions that are vital for a person's survival.

  1. The immune system serves to identify all types of microorganisms and foreign bodies that are potentially dangerous for the individual.

  2. The immune system is also there to destroy these foreign microorganisms, substances or bodies.

Our immune system can be weakened in many ways and these are some of the most common ones:

A. Malnutrition, or malnutrition, which is a lack of essential nutrients such as vitamins and some minerals.

B. Stress can be physical or psychological. Obesity can be a cause.

C. Chemotherapy in the form of a cancer drug

D. Infectious diseases arise from "catching" something

E. The diet includes foods that contribute in a special way to the proper functioning of the immune complex


F. AIDS: Immune system deficiency caused by viral attacks on your body's defense mechanisms.

Let me remind you of the two reasons why people get sick:

  1. You pick something up and your body cannot fight it, as a result your body gives in to germs.

  2. Your body develops something in the genetically weak areas.

In the two previous cases, the causes are the same.

A. Your immune system is weak
B. Toxins attack your body

When we look at these two main causes of disease, we can conclude that all disease stems from one or a combination of four things. That's what Kevin Trudeau said about why we get sick in one of his books, Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know.

Here are the top four reasons Kevin gives for all illnesses:

  1. People get sick because they have too many toxins in their bodies.

  2. We suffer from malnutrition, which means that our cells don't get enough nutrients in the right proportions.

  3. We are exposed to and adversely affected by Electromagnetic Chaos (EMC).

  4. You got mental and emotional stress

According to Kevin, these are the only four reasons why our immune systems can be weak or why genetically weak areas of the body can fail and thus develop disease and illness.

While Kevin said that these are the only reasons we get sick, I would like to add one more reason why we get sick.

Because I want to state this fact, or should I say this TRUTH!

We as living beings called humans are different from all other living beings. Only humans are created in the image and likeness of Elohim.

Consequently, only human beings are created in his image and likeness, which means that just as Elohim exists in three forms as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we also exist in three dimensions as body, soul and spirit.

To put it correctly, we are spirit first, with a soul in a body.

As a result of this enlightened truth, we too can become spiritually ill. Doctors call these diseases psychosomatic.

Psycho in psychosomatics comes from the root word psychic and means, among other things, the supernatural or spiritual.

There is research on psychosomatic illnesses that seems to provide sufficient scientific evidence that a person's mind or immaterial part, or a person's beliefs and thoughts, have the capacity to produce physical changes in the body.

If we want to live healthy, holistically healthy, all three areas of human existence must be covered. Perfect health resides in the mind, spirit and body.

So I will say that people are sick for these five reasons

  1. We allow too many toxins to enter our bodies for too long.

  2. We don't eat properly balanced meals, which causes us to suffer from nutritional deficiencies,

  3. We are exposed to and adversely affected by Electromagnetic Chaos (EMC).

  4. We fail to adequately manage mental and emotional stress

  5. We ignore the spiritual man who is more real than the physical man

There are things we can control and things we cannot control. So the only way to deal with these uncontrollable things is to make sure the cells in our bodies are vibrantly healthy and strong to function as they should.

One of those things we can't control is the electromagnetic fields we're all exposed to.

What is Electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is a scientific word in physics used to describe one of the fundamental forces of nature. This force acts between subatomic particles such as protons and electrons. You must have a basic understanding of physics to understand these terms.

Electromagnetism helps hold matter together. It is also used to describe how a magnetic field is created by the flow of electric current.

Our body has electromagnetic fields and communication systems. Electromagnetic chaos occurs when wireless devices such as laptops, computers, televisions and cell phones are overused. And even more dangerous if we sleep with them in the bedroom.

The resulting distortion wreaks havoc on electromagnetic fields and the body's communication systems. This leads to physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Electromagnetic chaos is a negative force and causes disease.

When we are able to reduce, eliminate or neutralize these powerful negative frequencies, we can reverse the negative responses, resulting in the "healing" of symptoms and illnesses.

Live well with a balanced diet

There are areas where we have complete control. For example in the area of ​​nutrition to prevent malnutrition.

People suffer unnecessarily because they don't eat properly.

The surest way to ensure a balanced diet is to include portions in your meals each day.

Portions must be considered by color. So make sure you eat 50% green, 35% yellow and 15% red in your daily diet. This covers all the basic nutritional needs of your cells.

Such a diet is the natural way to lead a healthy life and reverse the onset of malnutrition diseases.

In other words, we will not suffer from the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that most people develop due to poor or unhealthy eating habits.

For example, we will not suffer from this disease called cancer. If we want to reveal the truth, cancer is not a disease, but a nutritional deficiency.

"CorrespondingPharmaceutical Research, 95% of the causes of cancer have their roots in our lifestyle; our habits and rituals. The result of what we eat and what we don't eat. Only 5% of all cancers have a genetic link in their etiology (causes of the cancer)."

The simple truth is that there is no disease called cancer. Cancer is a tumor-like growth that occurs as a result of a dietary deficiency of vitamin B17.

Most doctors won't tell you this, but believe me, only your body can heal itself!

There are certain things you can do to help your body heal better or heal itself from illness, disease, and illness.

I said earlier that one of the main reasons you get sick is because there are too many toxins in your body. Which boils down to six areas directly related to toxicity in your body.

These six areas are:

1st exercise

2. Rest

3. What's going on in your body

4. What comes out of your body

5. Your thoughts

6. Words you speak

Did you know that when you are toxic your body becomes very acidic? Good health means that your body's pH should be alkaline. When your body's pH is acidic, you are prone to illness and disease.

If your body's pH remains alkaline, you'll hardly get sick!

Every person diagnosed with cancer has a very acidic pH.

One man put it this way: "If the man made it, don't eat it." In other words, eat only what comes from the plant and not what comes from the plant.

So much can be said heregenetic modificationby humans of virtually all fruits and vegetables to make them more resistant to disease.

And even worse, how farmers need to produce more per hectare to make more profit using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. So when you eat a piece of that fruit or vegetable, it's loaded with toxic chemicals.

The bottom line is this: if you want to lead a healthy life and experience vitality and high energy, you need to remove the accumulated toxins in your body.

Live healthy by eliminating toxin buildup

It is important for you to know that you have been flooding your body with toxins since childhood.

These toxins and poisons included everything from vaccines, prescription and over-the-counter medications, the air we breathe, the water we drink, swim and shower in, and all the chemicals in the food we eat.

You should learn how to get a total body/lymphatic fat detox once a year. In between, do a complete colon cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, liver/gallbladder cleanse, parasite cleanse, and candida cleanse.

Other measures for good health

You should drink eight full glasses of purified water every day. You must drink more water and the water must be pure. Water is needed not only to flush and nourish cells, but also to keep them hydrated and pH balanced.

If you want to lead a healthy life, it is recommended to use a jumper (mini-trampoline) for at least ten minutes a day.

By simply using this device daily, you can provide your cells with more health benefits than almost any other form of exercise.

A rebound stimulates every cell in your body simultaneously.

It also boosts the immune system and is incredibly effective at removing toxins from cells. The jumper is considered the most incredible exercise device man has ever created.

If you want to live a healthy life, you need to stop putting toxins in your body!

When you stop doing the things that are causing the symptoms and illness, you "heal" yourself.

Most doctors won't tell you this because they want you to come back as soon as possible so they can sell you more medication to control your symptoms.

To conclude this healthy lifestyle article, let me summarize:

The best way to get rid of all the illnesses and ailments you are suffering from and prevent them from coming back. To slow or potentially reverse the aging process, consider doing the following:

  1. Get rid of all the accumulated toxins in your system.

  2. Stop or at least reduce the toxins entering your body. It is almost impossible to completely stop toxins from entering our body, but we can drastically reduce the amount.

  3. We need to make sure our removal systems are clean and not slow. As a result, the toxins that we ingest and that naturally develop in our bodies are released freely and quickly.

  4. We must ensure that we are getting adequate amounts of food in various forms such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and life-sustaining "energy".

  5. Strive to reduce or neutralize the electromagnetic energy that attacks our body's energy fields and cells.

  6. Do whatever you can to reduce stress.

  7. Understand that our minds, thoughts and words create a healthy alkaline body pH and can actually convert genetically defective DNA structures in the body into normal, healthy DNA structures.

Remember that a healthy life is our responsibility.

The choices we make every day determine the quality of our health.

I'm Adrian T. Brown, your health enthusiast, with a profound question for you:Why are people sick? You may or may not be responsible for your current state of health.


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