How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (2023)

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (1)

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Cair:I tried to format my USB drive because it was not working properly. But I got this error: Virtual Disk Service Error: No media in device. And now I can't run the format command. Can anyone tell me how to fix the No Media USB issue?

Many Windows users have experienced this problem when trying to access their media files on another device or when creating a recovery disc. Due to this issue, the device appears to be blank in Disk Management even though the files are listed in File Explorer. The problem can occur with flash drives, SD cards, CDs/DVDs; USB flash drive, SDD/HDD, etc. in different scenarios.

So, in this article, we will discuss the possible causes of USB drive out of media and fix flash drive out of media issue as soon as possible.

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How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (2)

  • Part 1: Reasons for "There is no media in the specific device" error
  • Part 2: How to solve the No Media USB problem.
  • Part 3: How to recover data from USB drive without media

Part 1: Reasons for "There is no media in the specific device" error

Regardless of whether you receive the message "No media in the device or No media in the specified device", both messages mean the same thing. The first message appears on the screen when trying to format a USB flash drive using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. The second message appears when you try to erase your USB device using the diskpart command.

The factors responsible for Flash Drive No Media error are explained below:

  • Poor media storage device and port connection.

  • The driver is not installed correctly or is out of date.

  • The USB drive accidentally fails or the drive has expired. Each unit has a predetermined useful life. Therefore, it is inevitable that the USB drive will fail at some point. Physical damages like frequent drops, footsteps, or bumps also damage the USB drive and it eventually stops working.

  • Virus attack, bad sectors or damaged USB drive.

  • MBR or PBR can also get corrupted and cause this error. The MBR or PBR will be damaged if you use the drive incorrectly, e.g. B. Remove a flash drive while it is in use. It corrupts the internal lookup table and also causes partition boot record and master boot record corruption.

A large number of users have experienced this problem and are searching the internet for a flash drive repair tool without media. But do not worry; Here we have the perfect solutions for you.

Part 2: How to solve the No Media USB problem.

Before taking the unit to a repair shop or other location, review these methods. There are several flash drive out of media fixes that can be used to continue using the drive. The moment you get the error, the first thing you should try is to disconnect your system drive. Try using it on another device and see if the problem persists. If the problem persists, follow the methods below.

Method 1: Use CHKDSK:

If you get No Media Flash Drive message on the screen while formatting, first of all, please hope it is just a random error. So all you can do is pray and try to scan your hard drive for possible errors and fix them using the built-in Windows tool.

Paso 1First try changing the drive letter assigned to the drive and see if the files show up or not. If there are no changes, open the command line to run the repair tool.

paso 2Make sure you run the command prompt as administrator, type chkdsk g: /f and press Enter. G is the letter of the USB drive.

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How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (3)

Wait while the tool checks for errors and examines the integrity of the drive. If there are errors, you can use the methods we provide to fix them and recover data with iSkysoft.

Method 2: Rescan the drive:

Verifying the drive through Disk Management may work because no media flash drive has been repaired. Follow the steps as below:

Paso 1Right-click on the PC and select the Manage option. Open the Disk Management interface and go to Action. There you will find the Rescan disk option.

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (4)

paso 2Now restart your computer and check the drive status in the Disk Management window. When the status is normal, the drive is ready to be formatted and you will no longer see the "No media device" error.

Method 3 – Update or reinstall device drivers:

There's a good chance that the most suitable USB stick isn't a repair media, update, or device driver reinstall. The steps you need to follow are listed below:

Paso 1Open Device Manager in Control Panel or right-click This PC, select Manage, and select Device Manager.

paso 2Select the Units option and expand it. Select the drive that is having problems and right click on it. There you will see the Update driver option, select it and let the driver update itself.

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How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (5)

stage 3Open a new window and select Search automatically for updated driver software. You will see the newly updated driver on the screen and you can use it or format it now.

Paso 4If the update doesn't work, select the Uninstall device option in step 2 and restart your computer. Then connect the drive and check if the issue is resolved.

In some cases, the Scan for hardware changes option also seems to work for fixing media issues.

Method 4 – Repair the drive:

If there are errors on the drive, your first thought will probably be to look for a tool that can repair the drive. Fortunately, Windows systems already have a built-in error checking and repair tool. To fix USB flash drive out of media, follow these steps:

Paso 1Open the File Explorer window and right-click on the drive. Open Properties and switch to the Tools tab in the window.

paso 2There you will see the Verify button. You need administrator rights to use this tool. Give permission and the tool will scan the drive for errors.

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (6)

stage 3If the tool finds errors, it will display a message saying, "We found errors on this drive. Please repair this drive now to prevent data loss."

When the repair is complete, no errors will occur and you can easily format the USB drive.

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Part 3: How to recover data from USB drive without media

While searching for methods to fix any media flash drive, it is important for you to recover data from inaccessible USB flash drive. Fortunately, we have the perfect data recovery tool for you, iSkysoft. With improved recovery rate and advanced features, iSkysoft makes it easy for users to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible files on any storage device. It is capable of recovering data lost due to errors or formatting. So let's try.

To use iSkysoft, you need to download the software on your computer and install it correctly. It is recommended to install the data recovery tool on a different partition from where the lost or deleted data used to be. The steps are given below for the recovery process.

Paso 1Run or iSkysoft

Launch the program and connect the drive from which you want to recover files. Select the partition and specify the location where the data existed. Click the Start button to start the scan.

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (7)

paso 2The scan results are displayed.

The results are displayed on the screen. You can further refine the results using the advanced filters. Files can also be filtered by file path, file type, and file format.

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (8)

stage 3preview and restore

Best of all, you can preview the files you want to recover to make sure they're intact. Preview files and select as many as you like. Finally, tap on the Restore option and you will have your files on the system.

How to recover lost data from USB media without drive? (9)

Please be patient while iSkysoft recovers the files. If you are trying to recover a large number of files, it is obvious that the process will take some time.

bottom line:

Now you know how to fix USB flash drive media errors and recover files lost due to these random errors. Please recommend Recoverit (IS) tool to your friends and family to help them recover their valuable photos, videos, documents or other files.

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