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Summary:This article will guide you through the detailed steps to fix "USB does not show any media in Disk Management" error. All you need to do is follow the article for more information! Or if files get deleted while formatting during repair, you can tryBitwar data recovery softwareto retrieve the necessary data.

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THere are various error messages we encountered while working on external storage devices like USB flash drive, external hard drive and SD card, etc. 🇧🇷USB does not show any media in Disk Management' is one of those error messages generated to prevent you from accessing your data from external devices.

Don't worry if you have this problem like"Removable drives do not show media in Disk Management' is not an uncommon error message. There are several ways to fix the error. But these solutions don't come alone, there is an extremely high possibility that the data stored on that particular device will be lost.

Hence, it is imperative to recover the data first and then proceed with applying solutions to fix this error.

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What causes USB not showing media in Disk Management error?

  1. Storage devices like USB, SD card and hard drive etc. They have a lifespan and when this lifespan is exceeded, the storage media starts to fail. Physical damage to the storage medium such as scratches, falls from a great height, etc. can also damage it.
  2. Unsafe ejection of the external storage device.
  3. Corrupted or corrupted Master Boot Record (MBR) and Partition Boot Record (PBR)
  4. The problem was caused in the external storage device for a logical reason.
  5. Virus or malware attack.

First of all, we would recover all relevant data stored on external storage media to prevent data loss. We recommend using professional software like “BitwarData recovery software' to restore the data.

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Recover with Bitwar data recovery software

Step 1.Disposethe software according to your computer system.

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step 2🇧🇷 Connect yoursexternal storage deviceto your computer.

level 3🇧🇷 Launch the software, select the optionExternal device recoveryafter clicking on the bottom middle of the software: Standard Mode and then click on the SD or USB card you want to recover data from and then click onnextTaste.

step 4🇧🇷 Then select thetype of filewant to recover and pressnextTaste.

step the final phase,advertisementthe data or files you want to recover and clickRecallbutton to start recovery.

Once the recovery is complete, save your data to a safe place. It is recommended not to save the data on the same USB/SD card that caused the problem.

After retrieving the necessary data withBitwar data recoverySoftware🇧🇷 Now you can try to follow the solutions below to "USB stick does not show any media in Disk ManagementError. Note that these solutions also work for external hard drives, SD memory cards, or other non-media external storage devices.

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How to Fix USB Does Not Show Media in Disk Management Error

Many users think that the problem "USB does not show any media in Disk Management’ can be fixed by formatting the external storage device. But it's a fallacy as the error message states that the storage device is empty; therefore it cannot be formatted.

Solution 1 – Check if your storage device is defective

Step 1.Connect USB/SD cardto your computing device and startfile browser.

step 2.The right mouse buttonin File Explorer and selectCharacteristicsoption in the pop-up window.

level 3🇧🇷 Choose the one nowinstrumentsoption in Properties and click the buttonCheckbutton is under theinstrumentsPossibility.

step 4🇧🇷 In the event of errors on the external storage media, Windows will notify you with a messageWe found bugs in the unit.

To avoid data loss, click therepairOption to repair external storage devices and debugging.

You can move on to the next solution if the first one doesn't solve the problem.

Solution 2: CHKDSK command

Step 1🇧🇷 clickBeginOpencmdin the search field provided.

step 2🇧🇷 start thecommand soonRight click on it and selectExecute as administrator.

level 3🇧🇷 type nowchkdsk/f/rF:and press the buttonGet into(Fi is the letter of your SD drive, you can replace F with your own drive letter.)

step 4🇧🇷 Once the verification process is complete, close the window and go toTool for formatting hard drive storageand check if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 3 – Fix the problem by assigning a new drive letter:

Step 1🇩🇪 PresseWinLogotaste +Rasecond typeDiskmgmt.mscnoaccording toVentana.

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step 2🇧🇷 After opening theDisk Management, right-click the drive with no media and selectChange Drive Letter and Paths...

level 3🇧🇷 Click nowchange.

step 4🇧🇷 In this step, select a drive letter from the drop-down menu and click theOKTaste.

Make sure you select a drive letter that is not currently in use on your system.

Solution 4 – Enable drive in Device Manager

Step 1🇧🇷 Right click onMy computerÖis PCand then hitAdminister🇧🇷 Choose thedevice managerfrom the left panel.

step 2🇧🇷 When there is a red mark or arrow next to the device on whichuniversal serial bus controller.

level 3🇧🇷 Right click and chooseCharacteristics.

step 4🇧🇷 turn a laConductortab and make sure the buttonTo allowit may or may not be clickable. If so, give us a callTo allowto solve any media problem.

Fix it now!

There are dozens of causes that lead to "USB does not show any media in Disk Management” Error that can be both physical and logical. It's not uncommon to encounter this type of problem; Many computer users encounter these problems in everyday life due to intensive use of computer system and storage media.

There are many ways to fix this”USB does not show any media in Disk Management' and keep using your device without any problems, but these solutions may result in data loss. Therefore, it is important to recover the data when it is relevant to you!

There are numerous software and tools on the market for data recovery; You can choose any of them according to your needs. However, we recommend using "Bitwar Data Recovery Software" for its reliability and authenticity. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, this tool has a very user-friendly interface.

So, follow any of the solutions to fix the problem.USB does not show any media in Disk Managementand keep doing your work without losing your data!

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Why is my USB detected but not showing in Disk Management? ›

If the USB drive doesn't appear in Disk Management:

Go to Device Manager to check if it is listed there. If yes, try to update the USB flash drive driver to check if it helps.

How recover files USB not recognized? ›

How to Recover Data From USB Not Recognized
  1. Download and install Disk Drill to your computer. Open it.
  2. Select your USB, then click Search for lost data.
  3. Click Review found items once the scan is complete.
  4. Mark what files you want to recover. ...
  5. Choose the output location.
Jan 10, 2023

How do I fix USB flash drive shows no media and 0 bytes free space in computer? ›

How to fix 0 bytes on a USB flash drive/ SD card?
  1. Connect the removable media with another computer.
  2. Change the card reader.
  3. Install anti-virus on your computer.
  4. Unhide files in 0 byte SD card using CMD command.
  5. Run CHKDSK command.
  6. Create a partition in Disk Management.
  7. Repair Damaged MBR Using Command Prompt.

How do you fix there is no media in the device? ›

How do you fix 'there is no media in the specified device' issue?
  1. Rescan the problem disk and restart your computer.
  2. Reinstall the device driver or just update it.
  3. Rebuild MBR with a third-party partition manager.
  4. Find a USB repair program to help you solve the problem.
Dec 27, 2022

Why USB files are not showing? ›

In addition to virus infection, there are other causes that may lead to USB not showing files: Files and folders on your pen drive are hidden. Data is accidentally deleted. The file system is not recognized by the OS of your computer.


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