How billionaire Howard Leight created an internationally recognized wine brand via Instagram (2023)

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Howard Light

Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Howard Leight Jr. is no newcomer to the business world. As a person who controls a vast real estate, retail and technology empire, he is a financial leader, financially sound and financially disciplined. Like some of his wealthy peers, it turns outLeight is also a brilliant brand builder., couldHarness the power and influence of Instagramum eine der am schnellsten wachsenden Weinmarken der Welt zu schaffen.

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But Leight's basementMalibu Rocky Oaks(MRO), located at an elevation of 2,000 feet in the Santa Monica Mountains, and the later namesake wine brand were born almost by accident. In 2005, Leight acquired the massive 37-acre site in Malibu and began construction. The planted vines were placed there mainly to drain the water from the mountain slopes.

It was not clear at the time that raising MRO andSteep slopes covered in glowing vines with natural drainage and sun exposure through the mountainous landscape would be a blessing in disguise indeed. Combine this with the natural volcanic soil that surrounds the winery and what Leight has discovered over the years: the aromas, colors and tastes of the wines at his winery were similar to those born in Italy's famous Chianti region.

Combine that with the subsequent addition and amendment of laws in the area, and Leight realized to his advantage that MRO can never truly be replicated. Unlike other prestigious regions in the Mediterranean or Napa, new wineries cannot open near your property. Therefore, MRO has the proverbial cards in hand and is clearly positioning itself as a truly unique winery and farm in the region and in the world. But you would never think that from its gates, which are some 2,000 feet below.

Image via Howard Leight

Howard Light
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Indeed, not much of MRO's modest driveway on Malibu's Kanan Drive conveys a picture of what awaits you at the top of a long, winding driveway that spirals up the mountainside. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a spectacle of stone and glass, a property that spans a stunning 10,000 square feet and aptly portrayed by the world's most popular and elite Instagram accounts as a kind of right-of-way, which is even more catapulting has contributed to international fame for Leight and his winery.

use of social networks

Leight's journey to transforming MRO into an internationally recognized wine brand has been driven almost entirely by Instagram. Before its Instagram fame, Leight's winery had a respectable name, but it was only catapulted by being featured on some of the biggest Instagram channels in the world, such as:Luxury world traveler,The Billionaires ClubjThis is a man's world, just to name a few.

However, to Leight's benefit, he has created one of the most scenic wine destinations in the world. In fact, MRO is not only hailed as a world-renowned wine brand, but also as one of the most desirable wedding destinations in the world for several years in a row. To his credit, Leight built a stunning Tuscan estate that almost touches the clouds in a location better known for its stunning waterfront homes than its hilltop wineries.

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In a recent conversation with Leight, he told me the following:

The Malibu Rocky Oaks brand would not have grown so quickly without such an extensive presence. In just a few years I've been dealing with some of the largest retailers and distributors, which normally takes 10 to 15 years, we did it in just three years. A lot of people I meet via Snap and Insta refer me to people in the industry, often the young family members of the world's largest beverage companies, which is likely due to the unique and opulent content that's part of the brand coming in. Millennials and the fact that they can connect with the CEO! But at the end of the day, this business is all about the quality 90+ rated wine that I produce.

Leight didn't have to do that to promote her wine brand on InstagramLearn Search Engine Optimizationor even oneStart a blog🇧🇷 All you had to do was get in touch with the right people, and slowly but surely over time, these people began to introduce MRO to the world. What started on Instagram has now expanded to Snap Chat, making Leight a mini-celebrity of sorts, able to easily and effectively connect with individuals and business people around the world.

Of course, the power of social media has fueled MRO's international reach, but the highitswine 90+ scoreclearly played a leading role in the brand's meteoric rise to fame. However, Leight got many things right as he transformed MRO into a global company producing a wide range of wines, from full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon to rich Merlot and even a refreshing Chardonnay.

At first, Leight just started posting photos of his property on Instagram, which quickly went viral due to the stunning natural beauty that surrounds MRO. on the planet thanks to the global connectivity provided by social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Image via Malibu Rocky Oaks

Malibu Rocky Oaks
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Like other famous Instagramers, Leight harnessed the power of InstagramBuild your business🇧🇷 If you're wondering how to repeat your success in the wine industry, you clearly need to start with a great bottle of wine and an impeccable aim. When you have Wine and Destiny, you have two main pieces of the puzzle. However, it clearly took time. At Leight, this did not happen overnight.

Today, those who want to get out of MRO at all have to be informed, so to speak. Leight's ability to create his winery's appeal clearly begins with a scenic destination, but also with the ability to adequately convey a luxurious lifestyle. For those deeply rooted in this rat race we call life, Leight's social media channel is the stuff of dreams.

However, it's not just the description of the MRO terrain and the surrounding mountains clinging to the clouds that give it an awe-inspiring feel. Leight, owner of astunning beach home in the Colony of MalibuIt is aHelicopter Superyacht in Marina Del Rey, you have access to a lifestyle that often seems unattainable even for those who consider themselves wealthy.

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Leight's accessibility to all these coveted luxuries has taken him to new heights, not only on the MRO but also on his stunning yacht on which he arrives, thanks to Instagram Live and Instagram Stories that have helped him portray everyday life. with your helicopter and of course your beach house. However, it is not just the lifestyle, but also its personality and accessibility that have helped establish MRO as a destination of choice.Combining all of this, Leight really pushed an Instagram profile that catapulted him and his wine to international recognition.


How did Howard Leight make his money? ›

Leight founded Malibu Rocky Oaks, a large wine label. Founded in 2003, Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard consists of 10 planted acres on a 37-acre plot. The vineyard has become one of the most recognized and awarded in the region. His son Howard Leight Jr is CEO at the company.

Who owns Malibu Rocky Oaks estate? ›

Howard Leight. Owner of Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard.

Who is Howard Leight Jr? ›

Howard Leight is a prominent entrepreneur who made products such as earplugs and protective eyewear. His son, Howard Leight Jr., has been the face of the winery, and appeared in social media and news stories on the winery. There reportedly have been efforts to sell the home off -market in the past few years.

Who owns Howard Leight? ›

In 2010, Howard Leight was acquired by Honeywell International, and maintains one of only three accredited NVLAP acoustical laboratories in the US to test hearing. With this high-level testing, we are able to design our products to meet the needs of professional, lifestyle, and recreational users.

Where is Howard Leight located? ›

Where is Howard Leight 's headquarters? Howard Leight is located in San Diego, California, United States .

How much is it to get married at Malibu Rocky Oaks? ›

With it's 37 acre private vineyard featuring 360 degree views, this truly is a spectacular place to say one's vows. As far as the Malibu Rocky Oaks wedding price, pricing ranges from $15,000 – 50,000, depending on the number of guests.

Who owns Malibu family? ›

Ron Semler - Owner - Malibu Family Wines | LinkedIn.

Is Malibu a rich neighborhood? ›

While Malibu, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are home to many of L.A. County's most expensive neighborhoods, you'll also find some of West Los Angeles proper's wealthy enclaves near the top of the list.

Who owns Leight Star? ›

The yacht's owner is US billionaire Howard Leight.

Are Howard Leights waterproof? ›

The water-resistant earmuffs came in a flat black color (OD Green also available) and sport a padded leatherette headband. The overall slender design of the Impact Sport Earmuffs reduced any interference when shouldering a rifle.

What are electronic ear muffs for shooting? ›

Electronic shooting ear muffs let you hear sounds occurring around you better while wearing the ear muffs than you can without any protection. With the ear muffs on, your hearing is enhanced through a built-in amplifier.

What decibel reduction for shooting? ›

You should aim for ear protection with a noise reduction rating of at least 22. A noise reduction of 30 is desirable, particularly if you are operating louder and larger firearms.

What is the cheapest state to get married in? ›

Utah is the most affordable U.S state to get married in, with the average cost coming in at only $13,301. The most common place in Utah to get married has to be Salt Lake City, with plenty of resorts, national parks, mountainous regions, lodges, and ballrooms to choose from, depending on what you want.

What is the cheapest island to get married on? ›

The Most Affordable Places to Get Married in the Caribbean
  • Jamaica.
  • The Dominican Republic.
  • Aruba.
  • Curacao.
  • Saint Lucia.
Dec 22, 2020

What month is the cheapest to get married? ›

In the U.S., off-season wedding months can vary by region, but usually they are January, February, July, and November. These are usually also the cheapest months to get married in.

Who owns the ranch in Malibu? ›

Alex and Sue Glasscock, owners of the Ranch Malibu, dropped $11 million on a 140-acre estate in Tuxedo Park, New York, originally a 1902 gift from financier J.P. Morgan to his daughter, Bloomberg reported.

Do a lot of celebrities live in Malibu? ›

Malibu has been home to countless celebrities over the years who continue to own expansive, high-end luxury homes. Some of the more well-known stars have been Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Janet Jackson, and more.

Where do the rich and famous live in Malibu? ›

Upscale Living on Malibu's Wealthiest Shore

Carbon Beach is considered the finest beach in all of California, with premier luxury real estate that fetches tens of millions from people unconcerned with cost. With just 70 lots, the Carbon Beach community is easily Malibu's most exclusive and prestigious address.

What is the richest city in USA? ›

New York City — home to more than 345,000 millionaires — is the wealthiest city on Earth, according to a new report.

What is the richest town in Los Angeles? ›

The richest city in California is Los Altos Hills. With a median income of $251,000 at the beginning of 2022, the town just edges out Woodside and Hillsborough. Los Altos Hills has been the wealthiest in California since 2019 (prior, it was in fourth place).

What is the richest town in the US? ›

Loyola, Los Altos, California

Loyola, California, is the richest neighborhood in America. The average household income in Loyola is $326,069, with the median income a little lower at $246,563. The median listing price is $3,899,000. Loyola also borders Los Altos Hills, which is one of the richest towns in America.

Who owns Scherazade? ›

On the ranking of the largest yachts in the world, Scheherazade superyacht is listed as number 17th. She is the 9th-largest yacht built by Lürssen. The owner of yacht Scheherazade is shown in SYT iQ and is exclusively available to subscribers.
BuilderLürssen Yachts
PortVegesack, Bremen
Oct 21, 2022

Who owns Arrowboat? ›

She is the 15th-largest yacht built by Sanlorenzo. The owner of Sanlorenzo 460-500EXP yacht Arrow is shown in SYT iQ and is exclusively available to subscribers. , On SuperYacht Times she is featured in 4 yacht news articles.
2 more rows
May 26, 2022

Who makes Destinyboats? ›

DESTINY is a beautiful 39.62 Broward superyacht and a recent addition to the Fraser Yachts sales fleet.

Who owns the New Castle in Malibu? ›

The estate sits on seven acres between Paradise Cove and Escondido Beach. In a historic deal, billionaire venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has paid $177 million for a sprawling estate in Malibu.

Can you visit Malibu Rocky Oaks? ›

Malibu Rocky Oaks is not open to the public. We are the exclusive provider of tours, tastings, and visits to the estate. All visits are private.

Who owns Johnny Carson's house in Malibu? ›

The current owners are fashion and film producer Sidney Kimmel and his wife, Caroline, who acquired the land from Carson's widow in 1984 for about $46 million.

Who owns Malibu wine? ›

One of Ron Semler's children, Shane Semler, founded Malibu Wine Hikes in 2015.

Who bought Ellen DeGeneres mansion? ›

The same year she began hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the budding real estate tycoon bought a Hollywood Hills home for $6 million. She sold the four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom property to Will Ferrell three years later for $9 million. This is the former home of Ellen DeGeneres.

Does Aaron Rodgers own a house in Malibu? ›

AARON RODGERS owns many homes fit for an NFL king, but none more plush than his Malibu pad. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and former girlfriend Danica Patrick splashed $28m on the stunning villa in California.

Who owns the house above Malibu Pier? ›

Billionaire Marc Andreessen Pays Record $177 Million for 13-Structure Malibu Compound – The Hollywood Reporter.

How much does it cost to rent Malibu Rocky Oaks? ›

Voted #1 by multiple magazines and bloggers and located within easy trips to Zuma Beach, Nobu Malibu, Soho House and much more, we are thrilled to share our unique setting for overnight stays. Please contact us for packages starting at $10,000.00.

Can you swim in the ocean in Malibu? ›

Many beaches in Malibu have strong waves, and Zuma Beach is no exception. The possibility of riptides and rip currents occurring here is believable. So be vigilant and always be aware when you go swimming on this beach. Never swim alone, and make sure you're near a lifeguard's station.

Can you swim in Malibu Lagoon? ›

About Malibu Lagoon Beach

This sandy beach is backed by a lagoon which you cross on boardwalks. As well as surfing, swimming and sunbathing this beach is also great for bird watching due to the nearby lagoon. There are also many pools around which contain interesting wildlife at times.

Does Brad Pitt have a house in Malibu? ›

Brad Pitt recently dropped $40 million on a decidedly idiosyncratic house in Carmel, Calif., but that place is not the design aficionado's first foray into seaside real estate. During the 2000s, Pitt owned a midcentury Malibu house in the Encinal Bluffs neighborhood, where he and Angelina Jolie lived part-time.

Does Kenny Chesney have a house in Malibu? ›

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney has a new vacation home in Malibu, according to real estate website Trulia. Built in 1957, the modern-ish traditional is located on a gated street with direct beach access and sparkling sea views.

Who owns Tony Stark's house in Malibu? ›

Designed by famed architect Wallace Cunningham, the home has been dubbed the Razor House – not for its sharp, edgy design, but because of its clifftop location on La Jolla's Razor Point. The home's new owner is none other than singer Alicia Keys.

What winery does Donald Trump own? ›

Trump Winery (formerly Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard) is a winery on Trump Vineyard Estates in the Piedmont region of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the county of Albemarle. It is within the Monticello viticultural area and is among the 23 wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail.

Who is the owner of Napa Valley? ›

Daniel Cresine - Founder & CEO - Napa Valley Wine International | LinkedIn.

Does Jimmy Buffett own a winery? ›

– Jimmy Buffett

Nestled in the charm and beauty of Door County's Egg Harbor, we are pleased to be part of the unique culture on this enchanting peninsula. Come and enjoy our log cabin winery's captivating atmosphere that is exhilarating, harmonious and relaxing all at once. Taste our award-winning wines.


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