Definition of net cash from operations | Privileged Legal Information (2023)

  • operative marge“NOI” means, for each property and during a given period, the sum of the following (without duplication and calculated based on prior periods): (a) gross income received in the ordinary course of that property less (b) all expenses payments (excluding interest but including a reasonable accrual of property taxes and insurance) in connection with owning, operating or maintaining the property, including but not limited to property taxes, appraisals and the like, insurance, utilities, paycheck expenses , maintenance, repair, and landscaping expenses, marketing expenses, and general and administrative expenses (including a reasonable allowance for legal, accounting, advertising, marketing, and other expenses incurred in connection with such property, but specifically excluding borrower's general expenses or a subsidiary and any property management fees) less (c) the FF&E Reserves for those properties at the end of that period less (d) the greater of (i) the property management fee paid during that period and (ii) an imputed management fee of three percent (3.0%) of the gross property rental during the period indicated.

  • non-operating net incomemeans the difference between:

  • Net Operating Cash Flowmeans the net cash flow to the Company from owning and operating the Company's property plus all other income received by the Company in cash less (i) all debts and expenses incurred in the course of the Company's operation have been paid, (ii) any such reserves as the Managing Partners reasonably deem necessary for the operation of the Company or for the performance of the Company's obligations under Section 8.6, and (iii) any income accrued to (A) the Company from the transfer of ownership of the Company and (B ) used to purchase or reserve, as determined by the Managing Partners in accordance with their fiduciary duties here and the Law, for the purchase of other Company property.

  • Accumulated operating cash flowmeans, on each Calculation Date, the accumulated positive consolidated operating cash flow realized during the period beginning on the Issue Date and ending on the last day of the last fiscal quarter immediately preceding the Calculation Date for which the financial information of the Company are available, or if cumulative consolidated operating cash flow for that period is negative, the negative amount by which consolidated consolidated operating cash flow is less than zero.

  • Total operating expenses of the fundin relation to a Fund includes all expenses necessary or reasonable for the operation of the Fund, including investment management or advisory fees of the Advisor under the Advisory Agreement and other expenses described in the Advisory Agreement for which the Fund is responsible and not borne by the Investment Adviser, but excludes contingent prepaid or deferred charges, taxes, leverage and borrowing costs (such as a merger or reorganization, unusual or infrequent costs (e.g., litigation), fees and expenses of acquired funds and expenses with dividends, if any.

  • Adjusted Net Operating Income“Adjusted NOI” means, for each period, the net operating income of the relevant hotel properties for that period, subject to the following adjustments:

  • Annualized Operating Cash Flowmeans, for each fiscal quarter, the operating cash flow for that fiscal quarter multiplied by four.

  • gross operating profitFor each fiscal year, the excess of gross revenues for that fiscal year over gross operating expenses for that fiscal year.

  • gross profit from operationsmeans all revenues, calculated in accordance with GAAP, derived from the ownership and operation of the properties from whatever source, including but not limited to rents, utilities, raises, fees or service fees, license fees, parking fees, concessions or rent loans and other required remittances, but excluding sales, use, occupancy or other taxes on income for which the mortgagee is required to report to any government agency, repayments and delinquent accounts, sales of furniture, fixtures and equipment, income insurance (other than business interruption or other loss of income insurance), premiums, security deposits, interest on credit accounts, pension benefits and other similar deposits, payments received under the maximum rate agreement, mortgage interest, interest on credit accounts, interest on mortgage reserve funds and other repayments from Hyp bank reserve fund as owed or mortgage. Gross income will not decrease as a result of guarantee instruments or the creation of equity or intermediary interests in any property or portion thereof.

  • net cash from operationsmeans the gross proceeds of investing, operating, selling and other dispositions of the Company's assets, including but not limited to fixed assets (but not including sales and other dispositions of all or substantially all of the Company's assets), less any portion thereof converted in payment or constitution of reserves constituted for all the Company's expenses, debt service, improvements, replacements and contingencies, all as determined by the Board of Directors. Net cash from operations is not reduced by depreciation, amortization, expense reimbursement deductions or similar provisions, but is increased by a reduction in previously created but unused reserves, as approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Gross Operating Revenuemeans for any period for any hotel property, without duplication, all receipts and sales receipts of any kind (whether cash or on credit and calculated on an accrual basis) received by the owner (or if such property is rented). country, the lessee of the property) of said hotel property or the lessee or manager relevant to the use, occupancy or enjoyment of said hotel property or the sale of any goods, services or other items sold or supplied by said hotel property of the ordinary operation of the such hotel property, including but not limited to all revenues generated by tenants, temporary guests, lessees, licensees and concessionaires and other guest services at said hotel property, and income from insurance, business interruption, but excluding the following: (i) any excise tax on sales or similar government use or charges levied directly on customers or guests or as part of the sale price of goods, services or exhibits, such as gross receipts, admission, cabaret or similar or equivalent taxes; (ii) receipts of expropriation premiums or sales in lieu of or under threat of expropriation; (iii) insurance revenues (except business interruption insurance); (iv) other rebates and deductions provided for in the Uniform System for calculating the amount provided for in this Definition, whatever its denomination; (v) sales revenues, whether capital goods, FF&E or equipment (except sales of inventories in the ordinary course of business); (vi) gross receipts received from lessees, lessees (other than operating lessees), licensees or licensees of the owner (or, if the hotel property is leased, the lessee of the property) of that hotel property; (vii) fees received at such hotel property for hotel accommodation, goods and services to be provided at other hotels, even if arranged by, for or on behalf of and paid to the relevant manager; (viii) gratuities, service fees and gratuities collected on behalf of employees; (ix) financing proceeds; (x) working capital provided by the Principal Guarantor or a subsidiary of the Principal Guarantor or the relevant operating lessee; (xi) amounts billed to guests or guests of such hotel property on behalf of tenants of such hotel property and other third parties; (xii) the value of the goods or services that exceed the amounts actually paid (cash or services) provided by the respective Management Company free of charge or with a discount; and (xiii) any other income or profit derived from the use or occupancy of the hotel property or any part thereof, or other than from the sale of goods, services or other items sold or made available by the hotel property in the ordinary course of business. Gross operating income is reduced by crediting or refunding guests at these resorts.

  • Operating cash flowmeans the sum of net income of the enterprise or business unit plus depreciation and amortization minus capital expenditures plus changes in working capital, consisting of accounts receivable, inventories, other current assets, accounts payable from sales, accrued expenses, guarantees of products, customers advance payments and long-term payments. -Expenses accrued over a specified period in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  • Insured Net Cash Flowmeans, on each Determination Date, the excess of: (i) for the twelve (12) month period ended on such date, the sum of (A) the lesser of (1) GPR multiplied by 94.0% and ( 2) Actual rent income and (B) other income; on (ii) for the twelve (12) month period ended on such date, the total of (A) operating expenses adjusted to reflect the exclusion of amounts representing non-recurring expenses, (B) actuarial capital expenses and (C )

  • Approved Operating Expensesmeans the operating expenses incurred by the Borrower that are (i) included in the approved annual budget for the current calendar month, (ii) for property taxes, insurance premiums, electricity, gas, oil, water, sewage or other services are owned , (iii) if applicable, used for property management fees payable to the Administrator pursuant to the Administration Agreement, such amounts not to exceed three percent (3.0)% of gross monthly income, (iv) or ( v) approved by the Provider.

  • Netto-Cashflowmeans the Company's gross income minus the portion thereof used to pay or reserve all Company expenses, debt payments, capital improvements, replacement payments and contingencies, all in the Directors' reasonable discretion. “Net cash flow” is not reduced by depreciation, amortization, expense reimbursement deductions or similar additions, but is increased by a predetermined reduction in reserves.

  • Adjusted operating cash flowmeans for each period in which the Borrowers completed an acquisition, the total for the Borrowers and their subsidiaries (determined on a combined non-duplicative basis under GAAP) of the following total, each determined assuming that the acquisition occurred on the first day of the Period: (i) the Adjusted System Cash Flow less (ii) the sum of (x) Administration Fees paid during the Period, to the extent not to exceed 4.50% of the Gross Operating Income of the Borrower and its Affiliates for that Period plus (e) additional administration fees that would have been paid during that Period at a rate equal to the lesser of: (A) the percentage of gross operating income of the Borrower and the Borrowers whose affiliates actually paid administration fees during that Period , or (B) for a Borrower the applicable rate or percentage specified in the Administration Agreement on page 100 for that Borrower of the gross operating income of that Borrower and its subsidiaries for that Borrower period (determined as provided above, assuming this Purchase was consummated on the first day of that period).

  • State allocations for average current expenses per studentmeans the most

  • the net investmentmeans, for any period, the amount by which capital expenditures during that period exceed repayments of such items during that period from funds established in accordance with the Loan Documents.

  • net cash incomemeans, in connection with the issue or sale of any Equity Shares, the cash proceeds of such issue or sale less attorneys' fees, accounting fees, underwriting or placement agent fees, rebates or commissions, brokerage, consulting and other fees actually incurred in connection with such issue or sale and net of any taxes paid or due.

  • operational resultmeans the results of operations of the company or business unit, but excluding unusual items, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  • Adjusted operating incomemeans for each period (x) the consolidated operating income of Holdings and its subsidiaries for that period plus (y) the sum of consolidated depreciation expense and consolidated depreciation expense of Holdings and its subsidiaries for that period, all determined in accordance with GAAP , Es It is understood that the determination of the amount specified in clauses (x) and (y) will be in accordance with the methodology used by the Holdings to determine such amount on the Effective Date, provided that (i) for the purposes of Clause 8.08 only , for each Trial Period in which an acquisition of a person or entity occurs, adjusted operating income will be attributed to such pro forma acquisition as if it had occurred on the first day of such Trial Period, and (ii) for all purposes of a Trial Period that includes a quarterly restructuring charge are excluded in determining adjusted operating profit because they assumed a portion of the 1996 restructuring charge that reduced operating profit. consolidated rationale of the holding companies and their subsidiaries in the period.

  • Cash flows from operating incomemeans the cash flows of the enterprise from owning and/or operating (i) real estate, (ii) borrowings, (iii) permitted investments, (iv) short-term investments and (v) interests in owned properties, loans and permitted investments in joint venture or partnership in which the company or entity is, directly or indirectly, a joint venture or partner.

  • independent editionsmeans any expense made by any person for a communication expressly advocating the election, consent or defeat of a uniquely identified candidate or action not taken with the cooperation or prior consent of, or in consultation with, or with the consent of or in consultation with or at the request of a proposal from a candidate or an authorized representative or candidate committee or policy committee supporting or opposing an action. As used in this subsection, "strongly endorse" means any communication that contains a message advocating for election, approval, or defeat, including, but not limited to, the candidate's name or action, or phrases such as "vote for" . "elect", "support", "vote for", "vote against", "defeat" or "reject". (Section 67-6602(i), I.C.)

  • Deferred Net Revenuehas the meaning given to that term in the definition of net cash receipts.

  • discontinued operationsmeans operations that are accounted for as discontinued operations in accordance with the Issuer's applicable accounting standards for which the disposal of those assets has not yet occurred.

  • net operating lossmeans a loss suffered by a person in the operation of an industry or business. “Net Operating Loss” does not include unused losses resulting from Baseline Restrictions, Risk Restrictions or Passive Activity Loss Restrictions.

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