'Days of Our Lives' star Lindsay Arnold talks about playing an old character, Allie's journey and her romantic entanglements. (2023)

Lindsay Arnold may be new to the industry, but to her growing fan base, she looks like a seasoned pro in her prominent on-screen role as Allie Hortondays of our lives.

Journal of Television Sourcestook the time to get to know the aspiring actress, who has openly expressed her love for her craft, the soap opera genre, and her fans, even if she's still getting used to the feeling of having those fans.

Time flew by to meet the thoughtful newcomer, but as we're all avid hikers, we know there's plenty more to talk about next time. Especially since Allie never had it very easy.

TV SOURCE | Having been on the show since June 2020, what has been your favorite part about working on DAYS? What was it like entering an institution like a fifty-year-old soap opera?
Lindsay Arnold: I mean, I would say the best thing about working there is the people I've met. Because it really is like family and everyone is very welcoming and we are all very, very close.

I moved here from New York and moved here during a pandemic so they've really become family here in Los Angeles. I've met many of my closest friends from DAYS. That was definitely my favorite part and I think it helped me to be on such an old program that really nice people work there because it was so stressful the first few months.

But having people like Deidre Hall, who's an important person who's been around for ages, is super receptive and helps me with any questions I've had. Or the early collaboration with Ali Sweeney and she just supported me and really reassured me that my work is good. He was very lucky.

I think in that sense the transition was much easier with such receptive people.

TV SOURCE | What would you say is your dream story for Allie?
I'd really like to see Allie...I feel like she definitely wants to settle down with someone, and I feel like I really want to get married. I really want to get married on the show mainly because I want to choose a wedding dress. I want to try on all the pretty dresses.

So I would love for Allie to have a wedding moment. Just a little, you know.

I spoke to Ali Sweeney and she told me all the times she got married on the show. Which is really funny. She said: "I had so many beautiful dresses. Let me teach you!"

I need my wedding moment.

TV SOURCE | We can't even count the number of marriages Sammy had in my head. I have Wikipedia for that.
Yes he gave me the number and I thought he was joking. She said, "No, no, I'm serious. But not all were successful! Some of them are just ceremonies that don't usually end in a real wedding."

TV SOURCE | But luckily for Allie, she has two viable options.
That's it. She has options. It's not like it's dry here because there are a few different people. So I have a feeling it could be fun. I love that. I think a great soap opera wedding is one of themMaterial, You know? When Rob [Scott Wilson] and Victoria [Konefal] had their wedding on the show and it just blew up, I thought afterwards, 'I want them to blow up at my wedding.

TV SOURCE | Who was your favorite to work with and who would you most like to work with?
I've always loved working with Ali Sweeney. I really always enjoy working with her. When she's on set because she's not there all the time, but when she is we always catch up a bit and we have a really sweet mother-daughter dynamic in real life too. He is a very confident and sweet person who I always enjoy being with.

The same goes for Ari Zucker. Honestly, Ari was probably my biggest support system when I joined because almost all of my scenes were with her and she guided me through any questions I had. I felt like he was holding my hand during this process. I had most of my first emotional scenes with her.

I think just being around her, who is so sweet and pure, made me feel safe enough to really get into the emotional scenes when I would have been really nervous about working with someone, with that I didn't feel so good about. 🇧🇷 Or maybe someone who wasn't naturally supportive of everyone because she's the over-the-top woman of them all on the show. She is simply the best.

I think those two women really comforted me, and I think someone I'd like to work with more... Well, I'm trying to think. I always say I feel lucky because I really got to work with everyone.

But oh, you know! I haven't really worked a lot with Paul [Telfer] and I haven't worked a lot with Linsey Godfrey. Our paths have never crossed so often. It would be so much fun working with one of them.

TV SOURCE | What was it like being part of such an iconic story as The Possession? Now that Allie's generation is being passed down with Johnny's ownership, what do you hope fans take away from this new version of the devil?
It was really fun, and it's funny because I don't think... I'm not sure I'm alive during the first ownership story, sowasit was fun. I remember talking to Drake [Hogestyn] and he told me about the first one. Then he says, "Were you alive?"

sheIt may beRemember to hear about it. I went back and saw it, and now I see it happening again. Joining Johnny is really fun. I think it's a very funny story. The contacts they use and the levitation, I hope the fans enjoy it.

I feel like when they first did the story with Marlena, maybe it was a little bit scarier, a little bit more, I mean, what's that called? A little outrageous, a little more taboo maybe. Now that it's been done before, I feel like it's not as available as it was the first time. Now that people know the story, they have some background on Marlena's relationship with the devil.

It was fun for me and I hope everyone who watched it enjoyed seeing the devil being passed from generation to generation.

'Days of Our Lives' star Lindsay Arnold talks about playing an old character, Allie's journey and her romantic entanglements. (1)

TV SOURCE | Her character is the son of two incredibly iconic DAYS characters (Lucas and Sami). Tell us what it's like to work with so many veterans in the soap opera industry. Even Allie's grandparents are iconic!
It turned out that I got the part on Thursday and worked on the set on Monday. And I didn't know who it was until the day before... Maybe I started work on Tuesday. But anyway, I went to the set, they told me who I was and my story the day before it started. I think it was really top secret.

My audition went super fast and I was also traveling across the country that weekend. So... OK, I don't have much time to investigate, and I didn't even know who to investigate because I really didn't know who I was. So for me it was in the beginning, when I met people, they let me know.

On the other hand, Ari and Greg Vaughn, I've worked with them a lot since the beginning and they were so nice and told me everything because they both know everyone. They've been there for a long time. So I got a great overview of her story as soon as possible.

I remember later when Carson [Boatman] came along they wrote a little story arc for the two of them, which was helpful. But I liked it, when I met everyone I asked them to explain our relationship, to explain their characters' backstory because I felt like getting the characters' backstories from those particular actors was just an added bonus who have played them for years.

Then it's just a matter of building those relationships from there. Thankfully, I actually worked with everyone for the first three months. During that time I was able to slowly gather all this information. But there are always things I learn from, I just found out how many marriages Sami has had. There are always new things I learn when I talk to people more.

TV SOURCE | Allie came to DAYS as a wild child but has endured many life-changing moments, from sexual abuse to an unexpected pregnancy and more. How would you describe your character's journey and where do you want it to end?
I mean, your journey was obviously lonely: traumatic, incredibly tiring, and exhausting. I think that's the most important thing when I think about this story of sexual assault and the exhaustion it took to get emotional every day, to open the door to all the emotions that come with something like that. It's just exhausting to experience something like that.

And having a child, going through a pregnancy, having a child, then the physical act of childbirth — it's all exhausting and exhausting. What I want for Allie is that she finds peace. I want her to be in her little bakery, baking buns, loving her baby and having a partner. And maybe, I don't know, pick up a few hobbies? I want him to have time to read, I want him to go to the park with Henry, I just want him to stay.

I feel like he had this wild experience in college and unfortunately he had to grow up very, very quickly because he went through some intense and very mature situations. Now she was forced to really grow up.

I just want her to be able to find a great mix of peace and fun. But I think where she is, she's settled. I think she wants that for herself and also wants to find that peace and security in her life because she hasn't had it in two years.

TV SOURCE | Do you think it's important that the show doesn't label Allie's sexual identity? Can we expect Allie to talk about her sexuality with Will when he gets back?
I love that because of my generation, a lot of my friends, sexuality isn't as rigid and pigeonholed as it might have been in the past. So for me that was very honest and a reflection of what we see in young adults. For people Allie's age, there's less pressure to find a specific label to fall in love with or whatever. I really like that they explore this idea of ​​just liking who you like and not having an opinion on who you're going to fall in love with. I think it's very important. I think maybe it's something that's not over-represented, and I think it also leaves a lot of room to follow Allie as she digs deeper into her sexuality to see if there's a label that she fits . I think it's a great starting point for her to go through all the different stages of figuring out who she is and what her sexuality is.

I love that they started at that point from, "I really don't know and I'm not even sure I care." It is impressive.

TV SOURCE | Are you hoping we might see footage of Allie asking her older brother Will for advice?
Yes, in any case. I love Allie and Will's relationship, I love Chandler [Massey], I love working with Chandler, so I always love it when we have scenes. Especially if we could have some scenes involving that conversation, I think he would be the perfect person for her to talk about. I definitely hope she goes with him. I can not wait

'Days of Our Lives' star Lindsay Arnold talks about playing an old character, Allie's journey and her romantic entanglements. (2)

TV SOURCE | Do you think Allie is really in love with Tripp or does she see him as a safe option? We know that Chanel beats her heart.
In my eyes, in Lindsay's eyes, I think Allie loves Tripp. I think love is a very safe love. It comes from that sense of security, so she loves him, but I think that's the kind of love you can have with a friend, like a good friend.

The thing about Allie and Tripp is that they're just... a traumatic bond. They went through a really traumatic experience together. She tells him that she loved him after they saw her dead brother who attacked her rise from the dead. You know what I mean?

Their relationship really grew out of a lot of trauma they went through together, and I think when you're going through something like that with someone, it's really, really hard to let go, even though you know maybe you should. I think Allie loves him but I think that's because she's been through so much with him and he's always there to protect her. It's like she's coming from a place where she really loves the security that Tripp gives her.

Yes, arms Tripp.

TV SOURCE | Soap operas haven't seen many same-sex couples, let alone a two-wife couple, let alone an interracial same-sex couple. Did you know that with Chanel/Allie you are making history in many ways? What can we expect when these two grow closer and Allie's defenses crumble?
I also think it's really fun because we've been filming so far. I remember the scenes where Allie goes after the engagement ends and comforts Chanel and we have this love scene between them. I remember filming it and thinking, 'Oh, that's really sick. It's really cool that we're doing it.” But then you forget about that while you're doing everything we're doing, because we always, you know, there's always so many stories. But yeah, I remember when that came out, there was a lot of love. I get a lot of love on Twitter and that's where I mostly interact with people.

I really felt like... I think I realized this is a very special moment that I have to be a part of and I feel really fortunate to be one of two people to represent this moment. I'm very happy to see that all these people love him. I'm sure there are people who didn't like it, but I don't mind seeing one of these.

I also got some really funny edits and memes that day. When this episode aired, he was in high spirits. I'm really happy to be a part of it because it's not one of those things that you really notice right now because it's just a normal day at work.

But then when you see the response, it's like, "Oh yeah, no, that was a moment."

'Days of Our Lives' star Lindsay Arnold talks about playing an old character, Allie's journey and her romantic entanglements. (3)

TV SOURCE | What can you joke about what's next?
Let me see. Let me try to think of a good lead that won't get me in trouble.

Chanel and Allie are always, regardless of relationship status, friends, more, have an undeniable connection to each other and love each other deeply, deeply. I think that's the basis of their relationship in general, it's the reason they're best friends, it's the reason sometimes they... you know, when she's upset.

But there's a deep love between them that's hard to see through, and I think that's at the core of their friendship, that deep, deep love. they really love each other

TV SOURCE | Challie fans are dying to know! how much does it measureThe truth is🇧🇷 Chanel and Allie's size difference was the talk of the town on Twitter a few months ago.
Oh my god I saw that and laughed because I was talking to Raven about it and asking her if Lindsay is incredibly tall or if Raven is really small. It's kind of a mix.

But because of those scenes where we were in Paulina's apartment and she was really upset, I was wearing heels and Raven was barefoot. I literally felt like a giant leaning down to hug her for it. I'm 5'6" tall and I think Rave is maybe 5'2" tall. So we have a little height difference, but especially when I'm wearing heels and I'm 5'11" and she's still 5'2".

To end the questions and confusion, I'm 5'6" and she's 5'2". So neither of us are. I'm not very tall and she's not very short but it was the combination of heels and bare feet that really ruined it.

TV SOURCE | DAYS fans have loved you since your introduction to the show, what was it like being included in the fan-driven world of soap operas?
It was pretty interesting. DAYS is the first thing I actually made. So overall it's a weird experience having people as fans. It's very strange. But I feel lucky because I got a great response. As I said, I felt very comfortable from day one. It's fun to watch. Sometimes I look I don't tend to chase too much, but after a scene comes out or something happens I like to see what people say. I mostly go on Twitter because, among other things, the people there are so funny, but most of the time I just find them funny.

I love how people get involved. People will really fight for your ship, especially when it comes to Challie vs. What are Allie and Tripp? Talie. People will try very hard. Folks, it's not a war, but you guys are here with really strong opinions and feelings.

I always love seeing that and knowing that you are part of a story that stirs up so many emotions in someone that they need to talk about it with others. It was fun to see all these interactions. Especially during the robbery story, I received a lot of sweet messages and a lot of kind words, which meant a lot to me at the time.

It was a strange time for art, but mostly a sweet one. I mean, listen, I was a One Direction girl, I was a die-hard One Direction fan, so I know how daunting that can be because when I was 14 I was a part of it. Every time I see it, I think, "Guys, go away!"

TV SOURCE | Carson Boatman tells us that the atmosphere on set among the younger cast is definitely brotherly and familial. How do you keep your incredible chemistry alive on screen? Do you often go out?
Yeah I think again we're lucky we all have amazing chemistry we just get along so well. We went out a lot. I went out with Carson yesterday. When we're not on set we might see each other weekly, but we also see each other on set every day.

Lucas Adams is a great host. Lucas will invite us to his house and we will play, go out, have dinner. We definitely have a lot in common. It also helps that we're all real friends. Raven and I are going to eat. One evening we even went to eat in a very chic and nice restaurant. She came home from work wearing jeans and maybe a blazer or something, so Raven wore heels because she was going home and changing. It felt like we were playing our characters a little at this romantic dinner. But we're definitely very fortunate in the sense that we really enjoy each other's company.

Carson and I talk about it all the time, but really we're like brothers. We tease like brothers. We just met. We all have that kind of very friendly family bond.

TV SOURCE | Soap operas aside, what kind of acting challenge would you like to take on next?
I would love to do a film or series on location. It must be so challenging to be far away from everyone you know, in a foreign country or city and just work for months. It's something I would really like to do. I feel like it adds a whole other layer to getting into your character because you're removed from everyone you know and you're meeting all these new people. It's definitely something I want to try.

TV SOURCE | Do you have any advice for aspiring young actors like you? In other words, any advice for Lindsay Arnolds who is just beginning her acting journey?
I would say don't put too much pressure on him and you. I think in this industry you just have to focus on acting, focus on how much you love the job, the art, the craft, because the rest is totally out of your control.

The only thing you have control over is your own performance. If you push it and don't enjoy it, then it really doesn't make sense and you'll freak out, which I've been doing for years. My biggest piece of advice would be to focus on your love of the arts and not focus on what you can't control, how people will take it, or whether or not you get the part.

Because once you've taken the test, once you've submitted your work, there's literally nothing you can do about it. Just do it, let it go, it's not up to you anymore. It's just a liberating mindset in general.

days of our livesairs Monday through Friday on NBC. Episodes are also available on Peacock.

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