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Confluence is your organization's single source of truth.

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Features designed to meet your team's needs

  • free design
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  • free design
  • standard design
  • Plano Premium
  • Business plan

The contributionBookThe plan is packed with features to boost your team.

The contributionmodelThe plan includes all the features of the free plan and more to power growing teams.

The contributionAwardThe plan includes all the features of the Standard Plan, the Free Plan, and more to enable information-driven teams with advanced requirements to collaborate at scale.

The contributionBusinessThe plan includes all the features of the Premium, Standard and Free plans to protect, strengthen and grow your business.

File storage up to 2 GB

Store your files securely on our cloud.

Up to 10 users

Enable your team to share knowledge and collaborate quickly.

Unlimited space and pages

Create and organize all the content your team needs.

Applications and Integrations

Third-party apps integrate seamlessly with Confluence.


Add interactivity to Confluence pages with additional functionality or dynamic content.

structured content tree

Organize work with a nested content tree that makes finding projects quick and easy.

Best Practice Standardizer

Find template documents from product requirements to marketing plans to get you started.

page versions

Track and view the history of changes to each page, compare versions and undo changes.

(Video) Manager's Contribution Resources

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250 GB stuffing

Securely store large amounts of content in our cloud.

Up to 20,000 users

Scale knowledge sharing and collaboration across a large team.

Content rights

Set content permissions for individual users, groups or anonymous users.

Archive and unarchive pages

Remove old pages to keep content relevant. Access archived pages at any time.

page information

Get engagement insights from page views, user views, and comments.

anonymous access

Make your Confluence site accessible to users outside your organization.

data residency

Determine where data is hosted to meet company policies and compliance requirements.

Support local opening hours

Keep your systems up and running with access to highly trained support teams.

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Filter reports at the site, site, and page level to understand user engagement.

group calendars

Share team calendars so teams can communicate availability and stay organized.


Replace time-consuming manual work with ready-to-use rule templates and low-code/no-code custom rules.


Control when and how changes are communicated to end users.

(Video) BMA Community Contribution – Resources Centre of Excellence partnership

IP whitelist

Strengthen your team's security by restricting your site's access to trusted IP ranges.

Unlimited storage space

Securely store an unlimited amount of content in our cloud.

Premium Support 24/7

Keep your systems up and running with access to Premium 24/7 support.

99.9% uptime SLA.

Know that your Confluence site will continue to work for your team.

Access all these features and more.

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unlimited channels

Configure multiple sites (snapshots) for independent branding and security measures.

Acesso Atlassian

Central security: SSO, SCIM, Active Directory Sync included at no extra cost.

24/7 business support

Keep your systems up and running with access to 24/7 business support.

99.95% uptime SLA.

Know that your Confluence site will continue to work for your team.

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Intuitive framework makes it easy to set up, build, and discover

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Pages are documents where people create, edit, and discuss their work.

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whiteboardsare screens where teams can view work

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Rooms are areas that contain pages for people, teams, and strategic projects.

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Brainstorming and visualizing work with whiteboardsBETA

Sticky notes

Run exciting team meetings with shapes, voices, timers and more, all within your single source of truth

Convert to Jira

Automatically turn your sticky notes into Jira issues at the click of a button to speed up work

links inteligentes

Integrate content from other tools to bring all your work together in a single view and reduce information silos

To know more
(Video) Contributing to Open Source for the first time

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Anyone can see how an idea flows from strategy to execution.

Skye Frostenson
Director Technical product management, VSCO

Create, collaborate and comment on project pages and designs

real-time processing

Collaborate in real time and release updates that highlight changes, tracked with version history.


Make it a team effort with on-page and page comments, likes, and visuals like images, GIFs, and emojis


Notify your teammates when you tag or assign them a task so everyone can track progress

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Confluence is a daily tool for our company. I believe that all notes, documentation... that goes into Confluence will be visible to everyone on our team.

Brooke Purvis
Cream Product Manager

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Share information across teams and across the enterprise


Inform employees with open access to the information they need, but share and protect sensitive content with permission settings

Home page and personal feed

Check back for recent posts, works in progress, and drafts, and stay up-to-date with activity and popular feeds on your personal website

ads and blogs

Break the news and bring everyone together with blogs that encourage transparency and inclusion

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If there's something you need to know or want others to know, it's in Confluence.

Kate Burke
Director of People, HubSpot

Create a knowledge base for product documentation and requirements

Advanced search and content tree

Easily organize and find pages with advanced search, tags and an intuitive content hierarchy

Best Practice Standardizer

Start with a blank page or choose from 75+ customizable templates for every team, from strategy and planning documents to reports

Jira Integration

Connect plans to development tasks with powerful Jira integrations, including issue tracking and dynamic update roadmaps

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(Video) What is the tragedy of the commons? - Nicholas Amendolare

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Solve a documentation mess... Confluence is our home for everything.

Evan professor
Director Engineering, Redfin

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Improve your work with integrations

Integrate the Atlassian suite seamlessly so you can work wherever your team is.

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standby software

Connect your project tracking to Jira Software to design documentation in Confluence and join the 76% of customers who submit projects faster.

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Jira Service Management

Strengthen a customer base with smart recommendations and features.

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Build your vision in Confluence. Then segment it and organize it into small tasks in Trello.

Customize Confluence with Apps

Customize Tailor Stream to your team's needs with hundreds of apps including themes, charts and workflow management solutions.

explore apps

Climb with confidence and security

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade solutions to scale Confluence across your organization.

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Privacy, encryption and compliance

GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant using encryption in transit and at rest to protect your team's data. Verify security with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS and more.

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Acesso Atlassian

Get enhanced administration and security across your Atlassian products with SAML SSO, enforced two-step verification, automated user provisioning, and more.

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Confluence Cloud Premium

More powerful Confluence features for your growing team with analytics-driven insights, advanced admin controls, unlimited storage, 99.9% uptime SLA, 24/7 premium support, and more.

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Your workplace, anywhere

Stay in sync with your team and get work done - right from any device.

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Make quick decisions, gain alignment, and transform the way your team works together.

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(Video) No Resources, No Problem: Jim Kwik's Impactful Message #shorts #motivation #dogood #grateful


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