A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (2023)

Some of our users have raised the following questions. We think you're one of the hundreds looking for answers to some of these questions.

1. I have a USB flash drive that my computer no longer recognizes. Windows Disk Management and DiskPart report that the drive is out of media (0 bytes) and I cannot partition or format the drive. What should I do?

2. I saved data to the storage device, but DiskPart says there is no media in the device. Can you show me how to fix this problem?

3. I have photos and other files stored on my USB drive, but no media appears on the USB device. And also hard disk without media, USB stick without media, removable disk without media.

4. Disk Management shows status as Disk without media or Disk 1 without media, Disk 2 without media.

5. How to fix USB drive without media

6. How to repair corrupt flash drive without media

Please read the article to find the solution to all your questions.

The most recommended solution is to format the drive or other storage devices, but some users failed to partition or format the drive.

This document is divided into 2 parts.

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Part 1 - Discuss how to fix media issues on drives like USB flash drives, hard drives and other removable storage devices.

Part 2 - Talk about recovering data from devices that have data stored on them, but Disk Management and Diskpart don't show media.

Part 1: How to fix USB flash drive without media

Even if the drive is visible in Windows Explorer, trying to access it returns an error message stating that there is no disk inserted, e.g. B. the following:

"Please insert a floppy disk into drive X:"

You may be wondering what to do now as many disk partitioning and data recovery utilities fail to recognize the drive and cannot access its contents. What can I do? How can I recover data from the drive?

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (1)

If you see USB disk without media or removable disk without media in Disk Management, you will also see two other Windows information:

  • In Diskpart, the USB drive shows No Media and 0 bytes.
  • On this PC, clicking on the partition opens a small window with the message "No disk in the drive".

If a USB drive shows "No Media" in Disk Management, it means the computer cannot communicate with the drive. It appears on the computer as an empty drive. As a result, data on the drive cannot be accessed.

To use:You can refer to this article if youUnrecognized flash drivethe Windows or Mac.

How do I fix a USB drive not showing media in Disk Management?

To fix the problem, we first recommend plugging the USB drive into a different USB port. If that doesn't help, you can try the following methods one by one.

Method 1. Change drive letter and run CHKDSK

Even if there is no partition on the USB drive, you can still see that the entire drive is assigned a drive letter. Now you can try to change drive letter and run CHKDSK to fix disk errors

A. Change the drive letter

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Step 1:PressWindow + Xand click Disk Management

Step 2:The right mouse buttonon the USB stick that shows no media

Level 3:so chooseChange drive letters and pathsand clickchangein the next pop-up window to set a new drive letter on the USB stick. NecklaceOK.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (2)

Step 4:Then click'Assign the following drive letter', assign the one you want and confirm your choice. This will change the selected drive letter.


Step 1:PressWindows-Taste + Rto open the Run prompt. Open it as administrator and allow your changes on your PC.

Step 2:In the command prompt window, typechkdskE: /Rand hitlog in🇧🇷 (Replace E: with the drive letter of your own USB stick.)

Level 3:Check whether it shows up as a normal storage device on your PC or not when the process is complete.

If the problem is still not solved, then move on to the second solution to fix USB no media error on Windows computer.

Method 2. Enable USB in Device Manager

Step 1: The right mouse buttonClick on the Windows icon and selectdevice administrator.

Step 2:Locate your USB flash drive on the Universal Serial Bus Controller under the name USB Mass Storage.

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Level 3:If it is marked with a red marker or arrow,the right mouse buttonon it and selectEnable.

Step 4:If you don't see the Mount option, the drive is already mounted.

You can still check the drives in Device Manager to make sure all drives are mounted as well.

Method 3. Fix Hardware Issues

There is a possibility that it is a hardware problem. Plug in your USB drive and run the hardware troubleshooter by following the steps below.

Step 1:PressWindow + Xand click Control Panel

Step 2:Change the view to small icons

Level 3:ETroubleshooting > Hardware and Sound > Configure a device

If there is a hardware problem, the tool will fix it for you. If the problem persists, you need to format the drive. However, formatting erases all data on the drive and makes it ready for use. So it's better to back up your drive before formatting it. But how to backup data from inaccessible drive or drive that shows error when clicked?

Part 2: How to recover data from USB without media in Disk Management

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (3)

How to Recover Data from a USB or Flash Drive That Doesn't Show Any Data?

The best way to solve USB flash drive no media issue is to use Remo Recover. An all-in-one tool that offers comprehensive data recovery solutions. It can be used to recover inaccessible data, RAW anddamaged USB drives🇧🇷 Remo Recover uses powerful algorithms to scan your drive sector by sector and recover data. The tool comes with a read-only function, so your original data will not be modified during recovery. Remo is compatible with all latest versions of Windows and macOS including Windows 11, 10 and Big Sur, Catalina.

Download now for Windows Download NowFor Mac

Besides recovering data from USB drives, the software can also be used with internal and external hard drives, memory cards and other storage devices from other brands.

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Steps to recover data from USB drive showing no media on Disk Management error:

Step 1:Download and install itRemo USB drive recovery softwareon your system.

Step 2:Launch the software and on the main screen, a list of all available drives will appear on the screen. If you cannot find USB connected, clickCan't find the drive?Possibility. The feature runs a full scan and finds all available devices.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (4)

Level 3:ChooseUSB Stickin the list of available units in the system and pressScanTaste.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (5)

Step 4:The drive scan will start, click the buttondynamic recovery viewPossibility. So you can preview and recover files without waiting for the scan to finish.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (6)

Step 5:After the full scan of the drive is complete, a list of recovered files will appear on the screen.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (7)

Step 6:Before saving recovered files, you can simply preview each onedouble clickin the respective file.

A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (8)

Step 7:Finally, when you are satisfied with the tool's performance, select allnecessary filesand clickRecallButton. Browse and selectOrtyour preference. Click on thatOKbutton to start the data saving process.

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A Guide to Fix USB Not Showing Media in Disk Management Error (9)

What if you formatted your drive?

you can haveformatted your USB stickaccidentally or encounter an error message, and unfortunately you don't have a backup that you can restore and use. What to do in such situations? Again Remo Recover to the rescue. The software can also be used to recover data from formatted drives.


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