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A USB drive is one of the most versatile storage devices that allows us to transfer our data from one source to another. However, you don't always need to have a smooth experience with it. For example, it is very likely that theUSB drive may not be recognizedyour system or you will get a USB out of media error. While it might seem a bit complicated to fix no media on USB error, you can easily find a way around it. To help you do the same, we've put together this detailed guide on how to fix USB out of media issues like a pro.

4 easy ways to solve the problem (2)

  • Part 1: "There is no media in the specified device." Why that?
  • Part 2: 4 solutions to fix USB out of media issues
  • Part 3: How to recover data from USB drive without media?

Part 1: "There is no media in the specified device." Why that?

To fix the USB out of media issue, we first need to understand what might have caused this issue. This way, you can analyze the problem yourself and easily avoid these triggers. Mainly theUSB drive without mediaThe error is caused by these issues.

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  • You may have removed the USB drive while the computer was still accessing it.
  • The USB drive may have a bad sector or corrupt memory.
  • The drive's file system or index table may also be corrupted.
  • It can be infected by malware or viruses.
  • The master boot record or partition boot record on the device may be compromised.
  • The USB drive can beonly readingor have restricted settings.
  • The media may have timed out its read/write cycle.
  • Any other logical or physical problem with the USB drive.

Part 2: How to fix USB out of media issue?

As you can see, the flash drive fails with a media error due to all kinds of physical, logical or firmware related issues. It goes without saying that, depending on the causes, you can take various measures to solve the problem. So consider some of these options to do just that.no USB mediafix on your system.

Solution 1 – Reconnect the USB drive

We will start with the easiest way to solve the problem.USB drive no media issuethat users encounter during formatting. First, safely disconnect the USB drive from the computer and restart it. Also check the USB port and flash drive for dirt or physical damage. Reconnect the USB drive while the system is restarting and see if the error persists.

Solution 2 – Fix hard drive with built-in error checking

One of the best things about Windows is that it offers tons of built-in features and useful tools. If you keep getting the USB drive without a media prompt, take a step back and let Windows fix it. To fix the hard drive, you can use Windows error checking feature. In this way, Windows cannot repair the media in the USB drive.

1. First, connect your USB drive to your Windows computer and wait for it to be recognized.

2. Launch Windows Explorer and select the connected USB drive icon in "My Computer". Right click and visit its properties.

3. In the Properties window, go to the "Tools" section and click the "Check" button in the "Error checking" section.

4. Windows will automatically start checking the USB drive for errors. If you encounter problems, you will be notified. Click "Repair Drive" when you get this message to run a full diagnostic.

4 easy ways to solve the problem (3)

Solution 3 – Use the CHKDSK command

If the error checking feature doesn't give you satisfactory results, don't worry, there are several other options to fix the USB media issue. For example, you can use the CHKDSK (Check Disk) command in Windows. This is a built-in utility command that will scan the specific drive and fix possible issues related to it. You can follow these steps and learn how to fix flash drive no media error in Windows.

1. Connect the USB drive to your system and launch the command prompt by accessing the boot menu. You can also launch it from the run prompt.

2. Now type “Chkdsk” command followed by USB drive letter and required parameters to fix/repair it. The correct syntax for the command would be:

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chkdskx: /f /r

Here, “x” would be replaced with the letter of the connected USB drive. After entering the command, sit back and wait while Windows tries to fix the flash drive without media.

4 easy ways to solve the problem (4)

Solution 4 – Format USB drive via Diskpart

If you are unable to do soformat pendriveas usual or you keep getting flash drive without media prompt then use the help of Disk Partition Utility. To do so, you must first launch the command prompt on your system. This will forcibly format the USB drive and fix all kinds of issues with it. However, this tooturn off flash driveand all data stored on it. learn to repairusb no mediaError caused by diskpart command, do the following:

1. First, connect the USB drive to your system and launch Command Prompt on it. Enter the command "diskpart" to start the disk partition utility.

2. Now enter the command “list disk” to display all media and storage drives connected to your system. From here, you can make a note of your USB drive's identifier.

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3. Before formatting, you need to select the hard drive. This can be done by entering the "select" command followed by the disk identifier (for example, selecting disk 2).

4 easy ways to solve the problem (6)

4. Great! After selecting the drive, just enter the "format" command and also enter the file system you want to format. For example, to format it in NTFS system, you can type "format fs=ntfs".

4 easy ways to solve the problem (7)

Part 3: How to recover data from USB drive without media?

If you have formatted the USB drive or still cannot access the media stored on it, then use a professional recovery tool. Most experts recommend using itRecoverit data recovery, which is developed by Wondershare. If you want to access some files that you currently cannot due to USB out of media error, the tool might be able to resolve it. It extracts all types of content from the USB drive so that you can save it to any other location.

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Free download | victoryFree download | mac

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4 easy ways to solve the problem (8)

Current Recoverit Videos

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Also, if you formatted the pen drive or accidentally lost some of your files, you can get them back too. This is because it is a reliable data recovery application that offers excellent results in various scenarios. Before you start, go to the official website of Recoverit and download it on your Windows or Mac system. The tool is compatible with all common file systems and is available for free.

Step 1 Select your USB drive to scan

Connect your USB drive to your system and launch Recoverit Data Recovery application. Here you can see the internal partitions and all connected external sources. From here, simply select the connected USB drive and click the “Start” button.

4 easy ways to solve the problem (9)

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Step 2 - Scan the USB Drive

Upon clicking the “Start” button, the application will start extracting all saved and deleted files. Although you can pause the process in between, it is recommended to let the application finish at the end for positive results.

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Step 3 - Recover your data from pen drive

The interface lists all the extracted content in different categories to change. You can also preview your files like photos, videos, Word documents, PDFs and more on the interface. Afterwards, just select the data you want to keep and click the "Recover" button. This allows you to save selected files to a location of your choosing.

4 easy ways to solve the problem (11)

That brings us to the end of this in-depth guide on how to fix USB out of media errors. To help you out, we have listed several working solutions that you can try to resolve your flash drive out of media issue. If you fail to extract your important files or accidentally formatted USB drive, just give intake backone try. A highly reliable and easy-to-use data recovery solution that is sure to become your favorite app. As it is available for free, it costs nothing to recover data using this professional tool.

Free download | victoryFree download | mac

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