12 sites like Mathway (2023)

Mathematics will always be one of the most difficult subjects you will encounter as a student, but it is one of the most important.

Despite its importance, many students still hate it because it is so difficult. In fact, many students even hate math subjects for the same reasons. But there are those who love math and enjoy solving complex problems.

Sometimes these students look for easier and faster ways to solve math problems and unfortunately they also look for online solutions likeCaraHelp solve math problems and show them how it works.

12 sites like Mathway (1)

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Sites like Mathway

In the post, I'll show you some other websites that can help you solve math problems step by step with solutions, and they are as good or even better than Mathway.


12 sites like Mathway (2)

QuickMath is an online math solution that rivals Mathway in terms of features and capabilities.

It can be used to solve all types of numerical problems such as simple equations, matrices, calculations, etc.

Just like Mathway, QuickMath is one of the most online math solving apps you'll ever see. If you've ever googled math solutions, you've probably come across QuickMath.

QuickMath can be downloaded as an app for easy access whenever you need to solve a problem quickly. However, you can sort out everything you need from the official website without downloading any apps.

The app uses an all-in-one approach to calculate and present math problems step by step.

Using this solution is not complex. First you need to identify the type of problem you want to solve, type the problem in the space provided and press the action button.

QuickMath, on the other hand, provides detailed steps to solve the problem.

For example, if you want to solve a word problem, you first need to understand what it takes, whether it's an equation, a factorization, or a graph. Then translate the word problem into mathematical form and post it on the website. QuickMath does the rest for you.


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WebMath is an online math solving software created bydiscovery pedagogygive users answers to specific problems.

As with Mathway, you can choose a specific category based on the type of math problem you are looking for a solution to.

You don't need to download and install an app. You can easily resolve your issues online by selecting your category and entering your issue to have it resolved immediately.

It is popular with students, especially as a homework aid, as it provides explanatory solutions and tools for practicing many math problems, from simple equations to complex calculations.

WebMath is easy to use and has a clean and simple design. It has an obvious toolbar at the top of the page that helps users navigate to different subject areas on the site.

New users should be careful not to get lost on the page, as it also includes a toolbar that leads to the Discovery Education site, as WebMath is a subnet of that site. Also, the homepage is quite verbose, which can be annoying, but necessary for explanations.


WebMath may not have the fancy graphics you'll find on other sites, but it's up to the challenge of presenting helpful explanations of complex concepts.


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Symbolab is a simple app that lets you practice math problems as soon as you open it.

It provides solutions to your problems with clearly defined steps and can solve all types of problems from equations, integrals, trigonometry, limits and much more.

This tool contains more than 100 powerful calculators that process mathematical solutions faster. It also has an interactive graph to help you visualize your answers.

One area where I find Symbolab more useful than Mathway is that it can solve chemistry problems like balancing equations.

The app contains history and notebook pages that allow you to go back to previously solved problems. You can also create cheat sheets for some topics.

Another amazing feature of Symbolab is the calculator recording feature. It allows you to photograph the problem you want to solve on paper. This feature is made possible by the machine learning algorithm used by the software.

Symbolab is great for anyone interested in math and calculus, but is most useful for teenagers and students who need an app to review their work.

4.Microsoft Math Solver

12 sites like Mathway (5)

Microsoft Math Solver is an online tool that helps you find solutions to basic and complex math problems.

This tool is accurate and allows you to find the exact solution to the math problem you are trying to solve.

Unlike Mathway, this tool doesn't just give you the option to manually type your math problems into the provided fields. You can also check for issues with your camera and watch the app give you the answer in seconds.

This is possible with the help of advanced AI built into the app which ensures that you not only get accurate solutions but also in record time.

If you don't want to scan your problems with the camera, you can handwrite them or type them into the built-in calculator.

Microsoft Math Solver is very easy to use and understand. Not only does it give you the ultimate solution to your problem. It features detailed explanations that can also include graphs, similar problems, and even video lessons from the web.

This tool can solve a variety of math problems from elementary arithmetic to advanced calculus and even word problems.

You can report a problem and analyze it later without losing data. The app also keeps a history of past problems you've solved and you can refer to them at any time.

You can also create printable worksheets to look at in your spare time if you're tired of looking at your computer screen all the time.

5.a relative

12 sites like Mathway (6)

Cymath is an online solution to help you solve math problems.

Like Mathway, Cymath offers free step-by-step solutions to your problems. You can use it for a variety of calculations, be it graphical or complex calculations.

It has a photo function similar to Microsoft Math Solver, but it also allows you to manually type your math problem like Mathway.

With this tool, you can quickly become familiar with mathematical procedures, studying how to arrive at each answer and building knowledge from there.

You can do factoring, logarithms, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, and much more.

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For the most part, Cymath offers free step-by-step solutions to almost every math problem. However, if you want additional support, you can opt for Cymath Plus which costs $4.99 per month at the time of this writing.

This plan contains more information about your task, e.g. B. How a step is performed and why it is performed. Subscriptions generally automatically renew at least 24 hours before the current payment expires. So if you are fed up with the app, you can cancel it in time.


12 sites like Mathway (7)

Chegg is an online math solver known for its ability to accurately and quickly process math problems like algebra and calculus.

It has nice user interface and obvious keyboard that will help you to easily spot wrong math questions. Once you enter a correct question, the answer will be delivered to you immediately without any delay.

I've used the Chegg app a few times to study for final exams, and it's saved me from really tough questions more times than I can count.

The Chegg library covers a lot more bases than the regular Mathway app. You can access millions of fully explained textbook solutions in a wide range of subjects such as math, physics, chemistry and engineering.

The app can help you with even the toughest business calculations you've ever faced.

You can also get answers to handwritten questions from Chegg. All you have to do is take a quick picture of the issue and send it to the app's experts and you'll get a detailed solution in less than 30 minutes.

Chegg offers video tutorials for numerous questions, so with a little teaching experience you can have portable explanations for some of the more complex calculus questions.

I really like Chegg because it gives direct answers and it's also a way to review my work process to see if I made any mistakes.

Chegg is almost completely free, but if you want access to more advanced features, you can opt for the premium plan.

7.Photo mathematics

12 sites like Mathway (8)

Photomath is an easy-to-use math problem solving application developed by Photomath, Inc. This tool is designed so that you can solve math problems on your smartphone by simply scanning the equation with your camera.

The process of installing and using this application is seamless. First download Photomath app on your android phone from playstore and open it on your device.

Then scan the math equation with your camera the same way you would scan a QR code and within a few seconds Photomath will give you the answer to your question.

Unlike Mathway, Photomath doesn't have the option to manually write math problems in the app, but the camera scan solution is more than enough to solve your simple and complex problems.

You can solve problems ranging from algebra, trigonometry, calculus and even statistics.

I myself have used this app a few times mainly to check if my attributions are correct and believe me the result is amazing.

It explains everything that happens in an equation in an easy-to-understand way. Also, it helps that the app is clean and elegant.

In addition to using the Photomath app to scan your questions for answers, you can use the included calculator to perform basic calculations.


12 sites like Mathway (9)

MathPapa is one of the best online algebra calculators you will find. If you want to learn algebra on your smartphone, you couldn't miss this tool that allows you to analyze the solutions step by step.

The app shows how to calculate the problem and presents the final answer. So, with this app, you can master algebra problems at your own pace and build a solid math foundation.

MathPapa not only helps you solve simple algebra, it can demystify polynomials and provide graphs for solving equations.

(Video) Photomath Vs. Mathway: A Math Tutor Reviews Apps that Do Your Math Homework

Like Mathway, the app has several topic categories to choose from, but it mainly focuses on fractions, decimals, and percentages.

You can easily find solutions to your linear and quadratic equations and inequalities. The app can also provide answers for equations in two variables with the steps needed to arrive at the answer.

The app gives you access to practice questions to help you master algebra faster and better. You'll get examples of simple math problems, decimals, percentages, and more.

It doesn't end there. You can also find many algebra lessons on MathPapa's official website to help you develop a better understanding of the subject.

These lessons are usually prepared with step-by-step solutions to problems you might encounter.

You can download the application on your PC or on your mobile phone. If you want to access an ad-free MathPapa, then you should be prepared to shell out $9.99 per month.

9.Wolfram Alpha

12 sites like Mathway (10)

WolframAlpha is a popular tool among students for solving simple and complex math problems.

It's a great resource for people in college or high school. It uses artificial intelligence to solve math problems even faster than a tutor.

The best thing about WolframAlpha for students, and perhaps the worst thing for teachers, is that it's hard to track, making it even more unreliable to use than copying a friend.

The tool takes a query, breaks it down, and then compares its various parts against a vast and growing library of datasets.

Using this tool is similar to using Google to perform a search. The only difference is that WolframAlpha gives you specific results instead of endless pages of results like Google does.

Like Mathway, this tool is a single-use process application. All you have to do is enter the problem you want to solve and the app will provide you with step-by-step solutions.

That said, WolframAlpha has an extended form called Mathematica aimed at those who need more than a single answer. But Mathematica is an advanced academic resource in its own right, so I'll save my WolframAlpha review for this article.

It has a notebook format that helps students perform calculations without learning complex syntax.

The notebook allows you to save and use the answers to previous questions that you received in the tool.

The notebook style makes it warmer and especially valuable for students, as being able to work through things one at a time and in a clear order helps them stay involved in what they are doing.

Let me paint a clearer picture for you. Students like to experience things step by step. So if they take the first step and it doesn't work, they can just take a step back and try another one. That way, they can understand the outcome and see how it all fits together to come to a conclusion.

The WolframAlpha notebook also allows you to keep text and structure inside. So you can add notes to your calculations to explain what each line means if you like.


12 sites like Mathway (11)

Tiger Algebra is a cool website to help you solve your math problems. It's probably one of the closest to Mathway that you'll find on this list because of the way its site is laid out.

If you want to solve simple math questions, just type the problem in the space provided and watch the app instantly provide answers.

Tiger Algebra can also be used to solve more complex questions like equations. In that case, you will be provided with a step-by-step solution on how to arrive at the answer.

For example, if you type an equation into the box, you'll see the solution, graph, and steps before reaching the answer.

You can use this app to do your homework or just learn some new topics.

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I've used Tiger Algebra a few times and rate it as one of the best Mathway alternatives, but unlike Mathway, Tiger Algebra cannot solve math problems outside of algebra. Otherwise, the platform is fantastic and covers all areas of algebra.


12 sites like Mathway (12)

SpeedCrunch is not exactly a website like Mathway, but it is one of the most powerful scientific calculators and anyone can use it. It's easy to use, yet powerful enough to be worth listing.

This app is open source and lightweight so installation is simple to unzip and load.

Speedcrunch's simple interface cuts down on distraction. You have a single line to write expressions. There's also a number key option which you don't want to use as often as it tends to slow you down.

Unlike some computer applications, SpeedCrunch doesn't care about syntax. For example, 1+ and 1+1 are generally not the same in many applications, but they mean the same thing in SpeedCrunch as soon as you hit enter.

This tool has almost a hundred built-in mathematical functions and about twice as many scientific constants. It also has a built-in formula book that contains important mathematical formulas like quadratic equation, area of ​​a cone, etc.

In this tool, you can store your own scientific formulas and constants and call them for calculations at any time.


12 sites like Mathway (13)

Meta Calculator is a general purpose calculator used to solve many forms of complex mathematical problems.

It is ideal for performing functions that the regular IOS calculator cannot and can handle matrices, statistics, graphs and scientific equations.

If you're using an iOS device, you know that the built-in calculator is useless for serious math functions. At best, you have multiple types of calculators to perform different functions, which is tricky.

The target computer is different. It's a complete system that comes with all the essential features you need in a calculator.

It has a free version composed of graphical and scientific functions. If you want to access this tool's matrix and stats, you must pay $1.98 or $0.99 respectively, which I consider a small price to pay when you see the powerful features that the payment offers.

Meta-Calculator has a variety of advanced features that go beyond the standard Mathway features.

The graphical user interface allows you to calculate up to five linear equations simultaneously and present data in easy-to-understand graphs. You can also save your chart with a single keystroke for later use.

This tool also allows you to save your calculations for easy reference at any time. So if you're looking for a flexible calculator to have on your mobile device, consider this one.

My only issue with Meta Calculator is that there are two separate built-in purchases and hopefully one day they will merge into one.

last words

You cannot solve all math problems with your calculator and your mind. Sometimes you need a little help to improve your productivity.

For me, that help is almost always Symbolab, because not only is it a huge time and energy saver, but it's the most Mathway-like on this list and doesn't require a premium subscription.

Now, I've shown you 12 other sites like Mathway that can help you solve any math problem you come across. What is your favorite among them?

12 sites like Mathway (14)

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What website is similar to Mathway? ›

mathway.com's top 5 competitors in November 2022 are: symbolab.com, wyzant.com, brainly.com, quickmath.com, and more.

What is the website that solves any math problem? ›

Wolfram|Alpha has broad knowledge and deep computational power when it comes to math. Whether it be arithmetic, algebra, calculus, differential equations or anything in between, Wolfram|Alpha is up to the challenge.

Is paying for Mathway worth it? ›

Mathways is an especially good tool if you are in the sciences, or are a math or science student, and frequently have to solve even mildly complex math problems. If you need to see the steps that go into calculating an answer, it will cost you extra, but it's still a lot less expensive than hiring a math tutor.

Is there a site like Mathway but free? ›

QuickMath is a free Mathway alternative in terms of features and capabilities. It can be used to solve all sorts of numerical problems such as simple equations, matrices, calculus, etc. Whether you are in school or college, it covers a vast array of subjects.

Does Mathway snitch? ›

Mathway does not sell information that directly identifies our customers such as their names or email addresses.


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